Detective Pikachu Movie Trailer 2: All Pokemon Names List

28 February 2019
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Detective Pikachu Movie Trailer 2: All Pokemon Names List

Pika pika! This “Detective Pikachu Movie Trailer 2” all Pokemon names list shows which Pokemon appear in the movie based on the second trailer.

This video shows all the Pokemon hiding in Detective Pikachu’s 2nd trailer:

Check out the full Pokemon names list: (in order of appearance)

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    1. Pikachu (Detective Pikachu / Tim’s Pikachu)
    2. Squirtle
    3. Pancham
    4. Bulbasaur
    5. Morelull
    6. Jigglypuff
    7. Charizard (Sebastian’s Charizard)
    8. Greninja
    9. Braviary
    10. Psyduck (Lucy’s Psyduck)
    11. Emolga
    12. Charmander
    13. Dodrio
    14. Bouffalant
    15. Flabebe
    16. Floette
    17. Pidgeotto
    18. Venusaur
    19. Mr. Mime
    20. Audino (as chess pieces only?)
    21. Comfey
    22. Rufflet
    23. Joltik
    24. Ludicolo (Pablo’s Ludicolo)
    25. Growlithe
    26. Aipom
    27. Ditto
    28. Snubbull (Detective Yoshida’s Snubbull)
    29. Lickitung
    30. Golurk
    31. Arcanine
    32. Magnemite
    33. Kingler
    34. Slaking
    35. Snorlax
    36. Machamp
    37. Pangoro
    38. Pidgeot
    39. Machoke
    40. Loudred
    41. Blastoise
    42. Gengar
    43. Magikarp (as a TCG card only?)
    44. Cubone
    45. Eevee
    46. Flareon
    47. Dialga (as a statue only?)
    48. Palkia (as a statue only?)
    49. Arceus (as a statue only?)
    50. Riolu
    51. Rattata
    52. Treecko
    53. Clefairy
    54. Octillery
    55. Mismagius
    56. Mewtwo

    This list is based on trailer 1, teaser, trailer 2, movie props and the leaked 26 cards of the upcoming Pokemon Trading Card Game – Case Files based on the Detective Pikachu movie. We’ll update this page as more get revealed!

    Which are your favorite live-action CGI Pokemon?


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