How To Unlock All Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stages

11 December 2018
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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Unlockable Stages

How to unlock all Super Smash Bros Ultimate stages? That question will be answered in this guide that shows you for Super Smash Bros Ultimate how to unlock all stages, so you know how to get the full roster of 108 stages in the Nintendo Switch fighting game.

Below we’ve listed the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch secret stages. Take the following steps to unlock each one, so that all 5 Super Smash Bros Ultimate unlockable stages will be available to you.

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    How To Unlock All Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stages

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate Unlockable Stages

    Stages are where you’ll fight your Smash battles. The lineup of stages is different between the Nintendo Switch and past versions of the game, whereas this time 103 stages from all past Smash Bros games are available from the moment you start playing the game! Only 4 of these on the stage select screen are brand new, these new stages are: New Donk City Hall (Super Mario Odyssey), Great Plateau Tower (from Zelda: Breath of the Wild), Moray Towers (from Splatoon 2), Dracula’s Castle (from Castlevania).

    Already Unlocked Stages In Super Smash Bros Ultimate:

    1. 3D Land (Mario)
    2. 75m (from Donkey Kong)
    3. Arena Ferox (from Fire Emblem)
    4. Balloon Fight (from Balloon Fight)
    5. Battlefield (from Super Smash Bros.) — NEW!
    6. Big Battlefield (from Super Smash Bros.) — NEW!
    7. Big Blue (from F-Zero)
    8. Boxing Ring (from Punch-Out!!)
    9. Bridge of Eldin (from The Legend of Zelda)
    10. Brinstar (from Metroid)
    11. Brinstar Depths (from Metroid)
    12. Castle Siege (from Fire Emblem)
    13. Coliseum (from Fire Emblem)
    14. Corneria (from Star Fox)
    15. Delfino Plaza (from Mario)
    16. Distant Planet (from Pikmin)
    17. Dracula’s Castle (from Castlevania) — NEW!
    18. Dream Land (from Kirby)
    19. Dream Land GB (from Kirby)
    20. Duck Hunt (from Duck Hunt)
    21. Figure-8 Circuit (from Mario)
    22. Final Destination (from Super Smash Bros.) — NEW!
    23. Find Mii (from Find Mii)
    24. Flat Zone X (from Game & Watch)
    25. Fountain of Dreams (from Kirby)
    26. Fourside (from EarthBound)
    27. Frigate Orpheon (from Metroid)
    28. Gamer (from Wario)
    29. Garden of Hope (from Pikmin)
    30. Gaur Plain (from Xenoblade)
    31. Gerudo Valley (from The Legend of Zelda)
    32. Golden Plains (from Mario)
    33. Great Bay (from The Legend of Zelda)
    34. Great Plateau Tower (from The Legend of Zelda) — NEW!
    35. Green Greens (from Kirby)
    36. Green Hill Zone (from Sonic)
    37. Halberd Kirby (from Kirby)
    38. Hanenbow (from Electroplankton)
    39. Hyrule Castle (from The Legend of Zelda)
    40. Jungle Japes (from Donkey Kong)
    41. Kalos Pokemon League (from Pokemon)
    42. Kongo Falls (from Donkey Kong)
    43. Kongo Jungle (from Donkey Kong)
    44. Living Room (from Nintendogs)
    45. Luigi’s Mansion (from Mario)
    46. Lylat Cruise (from Star Fox)
    47. Magicant (from EarthBound)
    48. Mario Bros. (from Mario)
    49. Mario Circuit (from Mario)
    50. Mario Galaxy (from Mario)
    51. Midgar (from Final Fantasy)
    52. Moray Towers (from Splatoon) — NEW!
    53. Mushroom Kingdom (from Mario)
    54. Mushroom Kingdom II (from Mario)
    55. Mushroomy Kingdom (from Mario)
    56. Mushroom Kingdom U (from Mario)
    57. Mute City SNES (from F-Zero)
    58. New Donk City Hall (from Mario) — NEW!
    59. New Pork City (from EarthBound)
    60. Norfair (Metroid)
    61. Onett (from EarthBound)
    62. Pac-Land (from Pac-Man)
    63. Palutena’s Temple (from Kid Icarus)
    64. Paper Mario (from Mario)
    65. Peach’s Castle (from Mario)
    66. Princess Peach’s Castle (from Mario)
    67. PictoChat 2 (from Nintendo DS)
    68. Pilotwings (from Pilotwings)
    69. Pirate Ship (from The Legend of Zelda)
    70. Pokemon Stadium (from Pokemon)
    71. Pokemon Stadium 2 (from Pokemon)
    72. Port Town Aero Dive (from F-Zero)
    73. Prism Tower (from Pokemon)
    74. Rainbow Cruise (from Mario)
    75. Reset Bomb Forest (from Kid Icarus)
    76. Saffron City (from Pokemon)
    77. Shadow Moses Island (from Metal Gear)
    78. Skyloft (from The Legend of Zelda)
    79. Skyworld (from Kid Icarus)
    80. Smashville (from Animal Crossing)
    81. Spear Pillar (from Pokemon)
    82. Spirit Train (from The Legend of Zelda)
    83. Summit (from Ice Climber)
    84. Super Happy Tree (from Yoshi)
    85. Super Mario Maker (from Mario)
    86. Suzaku Castle (from Street Fighter)
    87. Temple (from The Legend of Zelda)
    88. The Great Cave Offensive (from Kirby)
    89. Tomodachi Life (from Tomodachi)
    90. Tortimer Island (from Animal Crossing)
    91. Town and City (from Animal Crossing)
    92. Umbra Clock Tower (from Bayonetta)
    93. Unova Pokemon League (from Pokemon)
    94. Venom (from Star Fox)
    95. WarioWare, Inc. (from Wario)
    96. Wii Fit Studio (from Wii Fit)
    97. Wily Castle (from Mega Man)
    98. Windy Hill Zone (from Sonic)
    99. Wrecking Crew (from Wrecking Crew)
    100. Wuhu Island (from Wii Sports)
    101. Yoshi’s Island Melee (from Yoshi)
    102. Yoshi’s Island Brawl (from Yoshi)
    103. Yoshi’s Story (from Yoshi)

    How To Unlock A Stage Final Destination / Omega Form:
    • On the stage select screen after choosing your stage to play on, press the X button to switch between the normal Battlefield and Final Destination form. Then start playing.

    In case you want to know, the Final Destination form for each stage is meant for competitive / tournament players who need a flat platform version to play on so it’s tourney legal. Meaning they need a stage with no hazards and items off, while still being able to listen to different stage music so that it doesn’t get boring, as previous games only had the one “Final Destination” stage that suited their needs.

    How to change to the alternate Boxing Ring stage:
    • Hold the L button while selecting the Box Ring stage for play will change it to the original Super Smash Bros. Boxing Ring stage.
    • Hold the Y button while selecting the Box Ring stage for play will change it to the new Punch-Out!! Boxing Ring stage. Including the series’ epic training theme song!

    How to change to the alternate Dream Land stage:
    • For the Kirby’s Dream Land stage, you can hold L while selecting the stage to play the black and white Game Boy Pocket version of the stage instead of the original Game Boy green version.

    This video shows footage of all the old & new stages in the game at launch:

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate Downloadable Stages

    How To Unlock All Additional Stages?: There is only one method to getting each of the rest of the stages. Next we show you a rundown of the different unlocking methods for the secret stages individually! Basically, they can only be obtained as downloads, as each fighter DLC pack comes with “1 New stage”.

    Below we’ve listed the 5 secret stages in the chronological order you can unlock them…

    Switch Secret Stages:

    28. Persona 5-Themed StageHow To Unlock: Buy the $6 “Challenger Pack 1: Joker” DLC in Q1 2019 (or get it as part of the $25 Fighters Pass DLC).
    29. Challenger Pack 2 StageHow To Unlock: Buy the $6 “Challenger Pack 2: ???” DLC in Q2 2019 (or get it as part of the $25 Fighters Pass DLC).
    30. Challenger Pack 3 StageHow To Unlock: Buy the $6 “Challenger Pack 3: ???” DLC in Q3 2019 (or get it as part of the $25 Fighters Pass DLC).
    31. Challenger Pack 4 StageHow To Unlock: Buy the $6 “Challenger Pack 4: ???” DLC in Q4 2019 (or get it as part of the $25 Fighters Pass DLC).
    32. Challenger Pack 5 StageHow To Unlock: Buy the $6 “Challenger Pack 5: ???” DLC in Q1 2020 (or get it as part of the $25 Fighters Pass DLC).

    Note: Despite there being 6 spots free on the stage select screen, the pre-order bonus character Piranha Plant may not get its own stage, as none has been announced so far.

    Missing Stages from Previous SSB Games:

    • Icicle Mountain (from Ice Climber)
    • Jungle Hijinxs (from Donkey Kong)
    • Miiverse (from the now offline Miiverse)
    • Mute City (from F-Zero X)
    • Orbital Gate Assault (from Star Fox)
    • Pac-Maze (from Pac-Man)
    • PictoChat (from Nintendo DS)
    • Planet Zebes (from Metroid)
    • Poke Floats (from Pokemon)
    • Pyrosphere (from Metroid)
    • Rainbow Road (from Mario)
    • Rumble Falls (from Donkey Kong)
    • Sector Z (from Star Fox)
    • Woolly World (from Yoshi)

    Please comment to share which old (or new) stages you think should be added as downloadable stages???


    What are your favorite Super Smash Bros Ultimate stages?


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