Battlefield 5 Letters Locations Guide

24 November 2018
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Battlefield 5 Letters Locations Guide

Welcome to the Battlefield 5 Letters locations guide that helps you find the total of 40 Letters locations in the PS4, Xbox One & PC first-person shooter game.

Finding all 40 Letter locations and picking them up will help unlock the following Unique Rare Melee Weapon for Multiplayer:
* Cricket Bat
* Solveig’s Knife
* Coupe Coupe

The Timeline for all these in-game Letters locations is listed below.

Battlefield 5 Letters

Tip: Battlefield 5 contains collectible letters in War Stories. They are not required for any trophies or achievements but will be required to unlock 3 different rare melee weapons used in Multiplayer; The other requirement being to complete the War Stories challenges, Under No Flag for the Cricket Bat, Nordlys for the Solveig’s Knife, and Tirailleur for the Coupe Coupe.

Where to find all Letters in Battlefield 5? The in-game collectibles locations for the Letters are described in this detailed video guide.

The Letters are listed in the step-by-step video, in the order that they appear chronologically.

Timeline in minutes for the Letters Locations Guide:

Under No Flag
• 0:35 Crossing Lines (3 Letters)
• 5:53 Butcher and Bolt (6 Letters)

• 5:37 Still and Silent (4 Letters)
• 7:43 All is Ash (4 Letters)
• 9:35 Wolf and Dog (6 Letters)

• 11:55 Liberte (6 Letters)
• 14:03 Egalite (5 Letters)
• 16:06 Fraternite Ou La Mort (6 Letters)

There you go! All Letters in Battlefield 5 are yours! 🙂

I hope these tips helped you get all of the Letters hidden in the game.

Please check out our other “How To” guides listed at the top of this page to enjoy Battlefield 5 more! 😀

Huge thanks to PS4Trophies for the guide videos and tips.

Please comment if you have any additional Battlefield 5 Letters location tips of your own, we’ll give you credit for it. – Thanks for visiting!


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