Nintendo Switch Online Games for December 2018 Lineup

10 November 2018
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Nintendo Switch Online Games for December 2018 Lineup

Nintendo has announced its lineup of free games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in December 2018. This month you get: Wario’s Woods, Ninja Gaiden, and Adventures of Lolo.

December 2018’s 3 Nintendo Switch Online NES games: On December 12th 2018, Wario’s Woods, Ninja Gaiden, and Adventures of Lolo will be available to play anytime and anywhere on Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online.

Connect with friends online and share your screen for co-op or competitive play. Select a 1- or 2-player mode and go. In single-player games, you can take turns at the controls.

Wario’s Woods
Remember Toad, our little mushroom friend who made his first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 2? Well, this time he is the star of the game! Control Toad as he scrambles along the bottom of the screen picking up monsters and bombs and arranging them vertically, horizontally, and diagonally to clear the screen of enemies. This game features four modes of play: basic, lesson, time race and two-player competitive. If you like puzzle games like Tetris and Dr. Mario, you will definitely love this one!

Ninja Gaiden
Players take on the role of Ryu Hayabusa, a rising warrior in his family’s clan whose main role in the world is to protect the Dark Dragon Blade from falling into the hands of evil. Ryu travels to America to seek vengeance for his father’s death. Players fight their way through 14 challenging side-scrolling levels while defeating gangs of street thugs, battling evil ninjas and fighting barbarian bosses by using the deadly Dragon Sword, ninja skills and Ninpo (ninja magic). Players can run, crouch, jump and climb as they make their way through each stage and collect items to gain points, strength and weapons.

Adventures of Lolo
This was the first game in the Eggerland puzzle series to be released in North America. After the love of his life, Lala, is kidnapped by the Great Devil and taken to his haunted castle, our hero Lolo sets out to rescue her. The journey is perilous, as the Great Devil’s fortress is guarded by a massive army. But Lolo has a few tricks up his sleeve, including a Magic Shot that turns enemies into eggs and an Emerald Framer that shields him from attacks. Combining clever environmental puzzles with tricky enemies and an engaging style, Adventures of Lolo is a true classic!

Here are the rest of the already available NES games with online (multi)play that will be added to each month…

September 2018’s 20 Nintendo Switch Online NES launch games list:

• Balloon Fight
• Baseball
• Donkey Kong
• Double Dragon
• Dr. Mario
• Excitebike
• Ghosts ‘n Goblins
• Gradius
• Ice Climber
• Ice Hockey
• The Legend of Zelda
• Mario Bros.
• Pro Wrestling
• River City Ransom
• Soccer
• Super Mario Bros.
• Super Mario Bros. 3
• Tecmo Bowl
• Tennis
• Yoshi

October 2018’s 4 Nintendo Switch Online NES games update list:

• NES Open Tournament Golf
• Solomon’s Key
• Super Dodge Ball
• The Legend of Zelda: Living the life of luxury! (Special)

November 2018’s 3 Nintendo Switch Online NES games update list:

• Metroid
• Mighty Bomb Jack
• TwinBee

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