How To Fast Travel In Red Dead Redemption 2

Want to know how to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2? Look no further!

This video guide will give you some tips to teach you how to Fast Travel in RDR 2.

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How To Do It: There are 3 ways to Fast Travel…

Fast Travel Method #1: By train. Go into any post office, talk to the clerk, and buy a train ticket to: Annesburg, Benedict Point (!), Emerald Ranch, Rhodes, Riggs Stations (!), Saint Denis, Valentine, and Wallace Station (!).

Fast Travel Method #2: By Stagecoach Taxi. Pay someone to take you with them by walking up to the “STOP” sign near a train station. Costs twice as much as the train option for mostly the same destinations: Annesburg, Armadillo (!), Blackwater, Emerald Station (!), Macfarlane’s Ranch (!), Rhodes, Saint Denis, Strawberry, Tumbleweed (!), Valentine, Van Horn Trading.

Fast Travel Method #3: The only FREE Fast Travel method from your camp. Go next to where you can give a donation to the gang teething box to view the paper ledger book. Inside the ledger go to the Lodging page and upgrade the Lodge twice (a one-time cost of around $500) to unlock a map on your property. — From now on in your camp you can always visit the Stagecoach with a map on its side to fast travel to: Annesburg, Blackwater, Emerald Ranch, Lagras (!), Rhodes, Saint Denis, Strawberry, Valentine, and Van Horn Trading.

Note: “(!)” behind a travel location indicates this exact spot is only accessible via this travel method.

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