Super Mario Party Reveals Sound Stage, Challenge Road and Online Mariothon Modes

19 September 2018
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Super Mario Party Key Visual

Nintendo has announced new details about its upcoming Super Mario Party for Switch.

Watch the Latest Super Mario Party Footage: (from 19:57 to 21:05)

Here are the tidbits of information:

“Shake the Joy-Con controller and get your body grooving in Sound Stage.

Dive into the series’ first four-player co-op mode: River Survival.

Toad’s Rec Room cleverly connects two systems.

Here’s Super Mario Party gallery. Click on any of these image thumbnails to see the full-size screens:

The four-player board game mode that fans love is back and full of new features. By rolling character-specific dice blocks with alternate numberings, you can make a game-changing comeback. Every last mini-game is brand new—all 80 of them.

For a party of one, check out the new single-player modes. You can play through a series of mini-games to complete specific tasks in Challenge Road.

Complete against players around the world in the Online Mariothon mini-game mode and more.”

Super Mario Party is due out for Switch on October 5.


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