Stormdivers New Gameplay Video Released

2 September 2018
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Housemarque has released a 55-second gameplay video of Stormdivers, its new sci-fi-themed third-person battle royale game.

Watch the Stormdivers New Gameplay Video:

Here is the commentary from the video:

“You’ll start off the match by dropping in to the play field in a customizable drop pod. One of the things you’ll notice early on in the game is that each player class has a glider available to them, which allows for a lot more verticality. You also can use one of your two abilities, ranging from movement abilities like teleporting and camouflage and jet packs, all the way to healing areas shields, and things that actually help out your team as you go on. With the early prototype, we wanted to be on point with the gameplay, so movement and the way your character controls are paramount to us. Which allows you, the player, to be on top of every single situation, even when things are getting hectic in a fast moving environment.”

Stormdivers is due out for PC in 2019. Read more about the game here.



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