The Quiet Man Gets 40 Minutes of Gameplay

Square Enix debuted the over 40 minutes of gameplay footage from The Quiet Man during a live stream today.

Watch The Quiet Man’s Footage: (from 39:31 to 1:22:42)

The Quiet Man is an action game with a focus on story that plays out over the course of a single night where the protagonist Dane, muscle employed by the head of business gang, sets out to save the heroine Lala, who was abducted. Since Dane is deaf, means of information transmission such as sounds and words are eliminated in the game. For that reason, in order to understand the story of the game, you must pay attention to what happens before your eyes, not miss the various hints that are laid out, and actively decipher information. The game’s difficulty seems to be quite high, with producer Kensei Fujinaga challenging, “I defy you to figure it out.”

Here’s The Quiet Man gallery. Click on any of these image thumbnails to see the full-size screens:

While the game eliminates sounds, it is not entirely soundless. Special sound effects are being prepared when you hit enemies or take hits from enemies during action parts. It should also be noted that although there is no user interface with an HP bar or anything of the sort, the color of the screen will change depending on your physical condition, and the lens flare on the right side of the screen acts as a meter that enables the activation of “Focus Mode” when it changes to blue. During Focus Mode, you can unleash extremely powerful attacks.