Cuphead DLC ‘The Delicious Last Course’ Announced

Studio MDHR announced Cuphead downloadable content “The Delicious Last Course” during Microsoft’s E3 2018 press conference. It will launch in 2019.

Check Out the Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Reveal Trailer:

Here is an overview of the content, via its official website:

AboutCuphead: The Delicious Last Course

In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, Cuphead and Mugman are joined by Ms. Chalice for a DLC add-on adventure on a brand new island! With new weapons, new charms, and Ms. Chalice’s brand new abilities, take on a new cast of multi-faceted, screen-filling bosses to assist Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead’s final challenging quest.

Key Features

• Featuring Ms. Chalice as a brand new playable character with a modified moveset and new abilities. Once acquired, Ms. Chalice is fully playable through the DLC and the original Cuphead adventure!

• Traverse a brand new Inkwell Isle and wallop the most wacky and monstrous bosses Cuphead has faced yet!

• Find new weapons and charms to aid you in overcoming brand new challenges and setting new records on old bosses!

• Help Chef Saltbaker on a brand new adventure to uncover the mystery of Legendary Chalice’s secret quest!

Cuphead is available now for Xbox One and PC.