Lego The Incredibles Gold Bricks Locations Guide

Welcome to the Lego The Incredibles Gold Bricks locations guide that shows you how to find and unlock the total of 210 Gold Bricks locations for the PS4, Xbox One, PC & Switch action-adventure game.

The overview for all these in-game Gold Bricks locations is listed below.

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Lego The Incredibles Gold Bricks Locations Guide

Here’s a run down of some of the areas or levels you will receive Gold Bricks for:

  • Beat a level in Story Mode to get a Gold Brick. You get 1 for each of the 12 levels, so 12 Gold Bricks in all.
  • Satisfy a level’s True Super stud requirement during Story Mode or Free Play Mode. At 1 per level, that’s another 12 Gold Bricks in the 12 main Story levels.
  • Collect all 10 Minikits from a level (can be done in Free Play mode) for a Gold Brick reward. That’s 12 Gold Bricks again.
  • Collect the Red Brick from a Pixar Family Build (can be done in the open world hub) for a Gold Brick reward. Each Pixar Family Build platform costs 5 Incredibricks to unlock. After which you can use the special ability of the character you unlocked to find the Red Brick near it. That’s 12 more Gold Bricks.
  • It’s being said that most (162?) of the Gold Bricks can be found in the open world hub. For example by doing missions, races & minigames. As well as cleaning up districts.

Municiberg: Industrial District Water-bound Gold Brick Location:

How to get the Gold Brick on the water, inside the container to open? Since this is often the last container people need to collect. To get it… Make your way opposite the golden container floating on the water, up to the Train Yard (where it says that name in blue text). Start Racing Ralph’s Time Trial and the container doors will open up, allowing you to go inside and pick up the Gold Brick.


Good luck collecting all Gold Bricks in Lego The Incredibles! 🙂

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