Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy Stones Locations Guide

27 March 2018
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Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy Stones Locations Guide

Welcome to the Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy Stones locations guide that helps you find the total of 30 Higgledy Stones locations in the PS4 & PC JRPG game.

Finding all 30 Higgledy Stone locations and picking them up will help unlock the following Achievements / Trophies:
* “Make Your Best Offer” (Achievement / Bronze Trophy) — Awarded for giving the right gift to a higgledy stone.
* “No Stone Unturned” (Achievement / Bronze Trophy) — Awarded for satisfying every single higgledy stone.

The Timeline for all these in-game Higgledy Stones locations is listed below.

Index of Ni No Kuni 2 Guides:

Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy Stones

Tip: It’s best that you wait with this until after the story. Not only are many unreachable until certain story progress has been made, they also require endgame items that you must feed to the stones. For the trophy you must feed all 30 of them the correct item. Just finding them isn’t enough.
You can get almost all items from the facilities in your Kingdom Evermore (mines, bazaars etc.). Fully upgrade all facilities and assign one person to each one. Then you’ll get a variety of items over time.

Hint: The video always shows what material is needed and where to get it.

Note: None of the higgledy stones are missable. You can find all of them after the story in free roam.

Where to find all Higgledy Stones in Ni No Kuni 2? The in-game collectibles locations for the Higgledy Stones are described in this detailed video guide.

The Higgledy Stones are listed in the step-by-step video, in the order that they appear chronologically.

Timeline in minutes for the Higgledy Stones Locations Guide:

Evermore Area:
• Higgledy Stone Location #1 – [0:05] Jumblewoods – Twinkle the Twee (Rugged Fur)
• Higgledy Stone Location #2 – [1:10] Jumblewoods – Popple the Pure (Slumbergull Feather)
• Higgledy Stone Location #3 – [1:57] Tightfit Cavern – Frumious the Flammable (Hardwearing Wool)

Canyon Area:
• Higgledy Stone Location #4 – [2:46] Cloudcoil Canyon – Filigree the Flighty (Munchy Nut)
• Higgledy Stone Location #5 – [3:33] Cloudcoil Canyon – Larrican the Leafy (Prism Pepper)
• Higgledy Stone Location #6 – [4:53] Wyvern’s Den – Tove the Tenebrous (Single Cream)

Rolling Hills Area:
• Higgledy Stone Location #7 – [5:45] Crosswater Cavern – Motley the Menace (Snow-White Thread) – must use bridge skill to enter this area
• Higgledy Stone Location #8 – [7:15] Old Well – Bawbee the Bandit (Blossomwheat)
• Higgledy Stone Location #9 – [8:01] Old Well – Dimity the Dastardly (Forked Tail Bone)
• Higgledy Stone Location #10 – [8:53] Tumbledown Shrine – Tilly-Loo the Twinkly (Clear Prism)

Northern Islands:
• Higgledy Stone Location #11 – [10:23] Crooked Cavern – Slithy the Spelunker (Glacier Crystal Cluster)

Calmlands Area:
• Higgledy Stone Location #12 – [12:15] Shiverwood Shrine – Dirge the Dismal (Twisty Bone)
• Higgledy Stone Location #13 – [13:50] Forest of Niall, Hard Woods – Phantasmagoria (Nightmare Prism)
• Higgledy Stone Location #14 – [14:39] Forest of Niall, Auld Woods (in front of Dice Factory) – Mutton-Bane the Mushy (Gunkshrooms)
• Higgledy Stone Location #15 – [15:25] Unsung Shrine – Whiting the Lighting (Heavenly Wonderwater)
• Higgledy Stone Location #16 – [17:03] Death’s Door – Gabardine the Gawker (Knight’s Brocade)
• Higgledy Stone Location #17 – [18:24] Hidey Hole – Mimber the Meanderer (Sackcloth)

Makronos Island:
• Higgledy Stone Location #18 – [19:12] Dampshoe Cave – Tundle the Tropical (Coral Huebloom)
• Higgledy Stone Location #19 – [21:07] Seaspray Tunnel – Dishcloth the Dragony (Briar Coral)
• Higgledy Stone Location #20 – [22:00] Abyss, 1000 Fathoms Deep – Haddock the Fishy (Bright Button)
• Higgledy Stone Location #21 – [22:45] Abyss, 3000 Fathoms Deep – Clambunctious the Calm (Bighorn Shell)

Desert Area:
• Higgledy Stone Location #22 – [23:36] Bleachbone Shrine – Teakettle the Toasty (Fluffy Cloth)
• Higgledy Stone Location #23 – [24:49] Sunshade Shrine – Vorpal the Volcanic (Sunnysmile Cotton, found in 10th Dreamer’s Maze or from Wondrous Bazaar Level 3 which requires All Citizens)

Broadleaf Area:
• Higgledy Stone Location #24 – [26:38] Shrine That Time Forgot – Boss-Woss the Bruiser (Bolt Eagle Feather)
• Higgledy Stone Location #25 – [28:16] Sublime Shrine – Unkimmon the Uncommon (Coarse-Grained Lumber)
• Higgledy Stone Location #26 – [29:45] Fathomless Forest – Bumblebizz the Blowy (Fine Fur)
• Higgledy Stone Location #27 – [30:58] Broadleaf Dynafloor No. 2 – Topturvy the Testy (Scented Sap)
• Higgledy Stone Location #28 – [32:32] Broadleaf Dynafloor No. 3 – Slingsby the Scorcher (Whole Milk)

Frost Planes:
• Higgledy Stone Location #29 – [33:45] Ice House – Malignity the Indignity (Sturdy Bone)
• Higgledy Stone Location #30 – [35:12] Freezybones Cave – Benison the Bright (Enigma Prism)

There you go! All Higgledy Stone spots in Ni No Kuni 2 are yours! 🙂

I hope these tips helped you get to all of the Higgledy Stones hidden in the game.

Please check out our other “How To” guides listed at the top of this page to enjoy Ni No Kuni 2 more! 😀

Huge thanks to Powerpyx for the guide video and tips.

Please comment if you have any additional Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy Stones location tips of your own, we’ll give you credit for it. – Thanks for visiting!


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