Attack on Titan 2 Achievements Guide

24 March 2018
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Attack on Titan 2 Achievements Guide

The Attack on Titan 2 achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox One & PC action hack ‘n slash game and tells you how to get and unlock them all.

In the Attack on Titan 2 achievement guide we’ll show there are 40 Achievements (0 Secret Achievements) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox One and PC versions.

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Attack on Titan 2 Achievements Guide

The all achievements unlocked roadmap guide is as follows:

• Beat the story campaign on easy mode.
• Go to research area and invite hange (hit Y button near him) and go scouting (not in another mode).
• Everytime the his bar gets full go speak to him to level up relationship.
• Once rank 7 achieved you will get to capture 7 and 15 meter titans.
• Go to another mode and enjoy capturing in inferno mode with your buddies online or offline.
• Once both normal and inferno scouting is done, you will have a lot of materials to create equipments so use a guide of equipment to see how to get them all.
• After every scout mission, pay attention to relationship bar of each character as you need to level them all to rank 10 (the maximum friendship level) for an achievement.
• Normal scout counts for normal story and inferno for inferno story, only do the normal scout relationship because you earn skills there and nothing in inferno except 10,000 funds.

How to capture any Titan: (excluding transformed Titans)

1. All Achievements Unlocked (100G) — Acquire all achievements.

2. Top Level Cadet (10G) — Get selected as a top-performing cadet.

3. Outstanding Attack 1 (10G) — Complete Story Mode Chapter 1.

4. Outstanding Attack 2 (10G) — Complete Story Mode Chapter 2.

5. Outstanding Attack 3 (10G) — Complete Story Mode Chapter 3.

6. Outstanding Attack 4 (10G) — Complete Story Mode Chapter 4.

7. Outstanding Attack 5 (10G) — Complete Story Mode Chapter 5.

8. A Hero is Born (10G) — Complete the final chapter of Story Mode.

9. Survey Merit 1 (10G) — Complete 25% of Scout Missions.

10. Survey Merit 2 (10G) — Complete 50% of Scout Missions.

11. Survey Merit 3 (10G) — Complete 100% of Scout Missions.

12. Exceptional (10G) — Achieve a Battle Rating of S in an episode.

13. Greatest of All Time (10G) — Achieve a Battle Rating of S in all Story Mode episodes.

14. Special Elimination Medal 1 (10G) — Complete a Dire Elimination.

15. Special Elimination Medal 2 (10G) — Complete all Story Mode Dire Eliminations.

16. Journey to the Unknown 1 (10G) — Reach 25% Gallery completion.

17. Journey to the Unknown 2 (10G) — Reach 50% Gallery completion.

18. Journey to the Unknown 3 (10G) — Reach 100% Gallery completion.

19. One of a Kind (10G) — Level the protagonist to max level.

20. Elite (10G) — Level one character to max rank.

21. Devote Your Heart! (20G) — Unlock all characters.

22. Early Bird (30G) — Successfully complete a Sneak Attack.

23. Swift Blade (30G) — Eliminate a Titan with the Hook Drive.

24. The Power of Friendship (30G) — Use a Buddy Action.

25. Savior (30G) — Save 100 or more comrades.

26. Can’t Catch Me! (30G) — Avoid 100 Titan attacks.

27. Fight! (30G) — Eliminate a total of 1,000 enemies.

28. Exceptional Elimination Assistance (30G) — Get 2,000 total body part destructions.

29. All Units Charge! (30G) — Have over 100 allies join.

30. Overcome the Fear of Death (30G) — Have over 100 allies die.

31. Diligence (30G) — Complete 100 Side Missions.

32. Poised and Ready (30G) — Build 100 bases in battle.

33. Budding Bonds (30G) — Increase friendship rank.
34. In This Together (30G) — Level one character to max friendship.
35. Trusted Friends (50G) — Level all characters to max friendship.
36. Prudent (50G) — Send 50 gifts.

Tip: You increase an ally’s Friendship Level from 1 to its max of 10 by giving them gifts. — Check out our “Attack on Titan 2 Cheats” page for an overview of what each ally’s favorite gift is.

37. Reformation (50G) — Use 1,000 Wings of Freedom.

38. Investing in Humanity (50G) — Use more than 100,000 Regiment Funds in total.

39. Extreme Training (50G) — Max out all training.

40. Thirst for Knowledge (50G) — Max out Titan Research Room level.


Special thanks to Koei Tecmo & Duck360Gaming2 for the list, tips & guide video.

Please comment if you have any Attack on Titan 2 achievement unlock tips of your own. Kudos will be given. – Thanks for visiting!


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