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3 March 2018
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SEGA has uploaded a new four-minute-long trailer detailing Valkyria Chronicles 4‘s battle system. While the gameplay system here is mostly based on the first Valkyria Chronicles game—which has a remaster available on the PS4 right now—they have also added a couple of new features here.

Watch the Valkyria Chronicles 4 Battle System Overview Trailer:

Like any other mainline games in the series, Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a turn-based strategy RPG where players can thoroughly check battlefield and unit situations in Command Mode first before instructing a unit to move. After selecting a soldier, the game enters an Action Mode where any nearby enemies can intercept them with gunfire in real-time.

If the soldier loses all their HP, they will fall into a Dying state, unable to do anything. If they are not rescued by a medic before three turns are up or they get tagged by an enemy, they will permanently die and be removed from your unit. Valkyria Chronicles 4 adds a probability for a dying soldier to enter Brave mode, where the player is given a limited time to choose between attempting a final attack chance or entrusting to the nearest ally to raise their stats.

In addition to the five existing footsoldier classes in the first Valkyria Chronicles—Scout, Shocktrooper, Lancer, Engineer, and Sniper—this fourth game adds a brand-new Grenadier class, represented by the game’s heroine Riley Miller (whom can be seen at the above video thumbnail). This new class excels in long-range attacks as they launch grenades up high to attack enemies up high or those hiding behind walls.

If you have a Japanese PSN account, you can download the Valkyria Chronicles 4 demo in Japanese language from Japan’s PlayStation Store and get to directly try out the game’s battle system right away. This demo goes until the second chapter of the main story, and you are also able to transfer its save data to the full version, which will also grant you a bonus accessory item that enhances footsoldier stats.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be first released for PlayStation 4 in Japan on March 21. The localized version will be released in the rest of the world later in 2018.


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