Kirby: Star Allies Gets 12 Minutes of Cooperative Gameplay

25 February 2018
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Nintendo has shown off some new Kirby: Star Allies gameplay in their Nintendo Minute video series.

Check Out the Kirby: Star Allies New Gameplay:

In the video, we get to see two new levels as well as a boss battle against the Frozen General Francisca. We get a quick glimpse of the world map in the video as well and it looks like this could potentially be Kirby’s biggest adventure yet. The first level we get to see is called Nature’s Navel, and the second is a boss level that’s called the Fortress of Shadows.

Each level in Kirby: Star Allies is made up of a bunch of enemies you can befriend using a new item called the Friend Heart, or you can steal your enemy’s powers like in conventional Kirby titles using his eating ability. Kirby: Star Allies allows up to four players to work alongside each other, each enemy you befriend can become a real player or a CPU who will help you on your journey. You’ll also be able to combine powers with your allies and use special attacks against enemies.

Kirby: Star Allies is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch on March 16.


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