Dragon Ball FighterZ Money Cheat

2 February 2018
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Dragon Ball FighterZ Money Cheat

This Dragon Ball FighterZ money cheat for easy Zeni will show you how to collect quick cash by taking advantage of a money farming trick in the PC, PS4 & Xbox One fighting game.

As always with cheats involving in-game currency, use at your own discretion.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Money Cheat

Here’s an easy way to get a lot of money very fast in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Using this money cheat you’ll be able to get unlimited cash, as explained below…

Money Cheat Location: How to get unlimited Zeni? It can be done by replaying matches on Story Mode’s Arc 3, Chapter 7, Map 13.

Money Cheat Method: How to make 100,000’s of Zeni currency in Dragon Ball FighterZ easily. Around 106,000 Zeni per hour (at a rate of 5300 Zeni per 3-minutes-long Match).

Step 1: Here’s how to get a vast amount of money really quick at the beginning of Dragon Ball FighterZ. As you progress through the story, you have to beat the Story on Normal difficulty level. Then you unlock New Game+ Hard Mode. Play through the entire game again on Hard Mode (simply start a new game in Story Arc 1 and choose HARD MODE).
When you reach Arc 3 in Hard Mode you must get 3 x “Victory Zeni Up Lv. 6” skills. They are won from enemies. Arc 3, Map 15 has enemies that drop this skill. You can replay maps to farm three of these skills.

Step 2: Replay Arc 3, Chapter 7, Map 13 from the Story Title Screen in HARD MODE. In map select you can press Triangle / Y to switch difficulty.

Step 3: Equip 3 x “Victory Zeni Up Lv. 6” in the skill menu. You can stack three of these to increase the effect.

Step 4: Farm the match at the top of the map against Goku, Yamcha, Piccolo. The reason being that this match gives a +300 Zeni reward when you win (and the enemies are very weak and quick to defeat).

Step 5: After the match, pause the game and hit “Retry”. Now you get all your health back and can replay the match as often as you want. With loading screens it takes 3 minutes per match if you’re just spamming light attacks. If you’re actively playing you can do it in 2 minutes.

The key is to get the “Victory Zeni Up Lv. 6” skills. These are only obtainable in Hard Mode in Arc 3. It makes the match reward go from 1800 per match to 5000 (a 277% increase). Furthermore, matches in HARD MODE give 250% more money than matches in normal mode. So this combined with the Zeni skills and the +300 bonus reward for this match makes it the fastest way to earn money in the game.
The trophy / achievement “Set for Life” requires you to earn 20,000,000 Zeni total. To get this much money it will take 3773 matches or roughly 188 hours with this method. Note: you don’t have to keep all the money in your inventory, you are allowed to spend it (so if you spent 19 million the trophy pops when you get another 1 million).

Zeni is also used for unlocking two secret characters “Vegeta SSGSS” (unlocks automatically at 300,000 Zeni earned) + “Goku SSGSS” (unlocks automatically at 500,000 Zeni earned).

You don’t have to play actively for this farming strategy. Just use light attacks, no directional buttons (press only Square on PS4 / X on XB1). If your characters are level 90-100 it’s a guaranteed win. With this method it takes 60-100 seconds to win a match. With loading times and transition screens it goes to 180 seconds on average.

Here’s the full money cheat video:

Credits: Powerpyx.

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