Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Gets New Gameplay

18 November 2017
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With only two months to go before the highly-anticipated release of Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for role-playing game.

Watch the Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom ‘The Light May Yet Return’ Gameplay Trailer:

Dubbed “The Light May Yet Return,” the trailer was unveiled during the Golden Joystick Awards and gives fans a glimpse at the title’s several aspects of gameplay including a quick look at its kingdom-building feature. The trailer also teases the exquisite anime-like cel-shaded visuals and cutscenes that fans will be able enjoy when the game is finally released.

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom will be set hundreds of years after the events of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and features the cat and mouse tribes, two warring factors in the town of Ding Dong Dell. During the course of the game, the mouse tribe performed a coup d’état, taking control of the kingdom.

It is now up to Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum, a boy king of the cat tribe to reclaim his kingdom. Joining him will be Roland, a visitor from another world, and Tani, the daughter of the boss of air pirates.

The game has also received some new gameplay showcasing some of the epic boss battles players can expect to face within the game.

The first video shows off the game’s main cast of characters traveling to some different locations to ultimately face off against an enemy named Throgg. This particular battle is probably earlier on in Ni no Kuni II considering the boss is only level 7. Still, it looks to be a ton of fun and a change of pace from 2010’s Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch in regards to combat.

The second gameplay video shows off a boss battle that seems like it’ll be later on in the game. It starts with a beautiful opening cutscene that quickly turns into a fight against a giant dragon named Longfang. This fight looks a hell of a lot more intense and will likely require you to keep an eye on your party’s HP and manage your items accordingly.

Ni No Kuni II: The Revenant Kingdom will be coming January 19, 2018 on the PS4 and PC.


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