Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Trophies Guide

The Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS4 first-person shooter action-adventure game and tells you how to get and unlock them all.

In the Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus trophy guide we’ll show there are 51 Trophies (1 Hidden Trophies) that can be earned in the PS4 version. Earn Bronze (38), Silver (10), Gold (2), and Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

Index of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Guides:

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Trophies Guide


1. The New Colossus (Platinum) — Obtain all trophies.

2. Déjà Vu (Bronze) — Make the choice

3. Starting a Collection (Bronze) — Find at least one of each collectible item

4. Toy Collector (Bronze) — Find all of Max’s toys

5. Audiophile (Bronze) — Find all records

6. Golden Boy (Bronze) — Find all gold

7. Terror-Billy (Bronze) — Collect all Übercommander death cards

8. Meet the Cast (Bronze) — Find all starcards

9. Art Aficionado (Bronze) — Found all concept art

10. Tinkerer (Bronze) — Upgrade a weapon

11. Specialist (Silver) — Fully upgrade a weapon

12. Gun Nut (Silver) — Fully upgrade all weapons

13. Revolution (Silver) — Beat the game

14. Bring ’em on! (Bronze) — Beat the game on “Bring ’em on!” difficulty or higher

15. Do or die! (Bronze) — Beat the game on “Do or die!” difficulty or higher

16. Call me Terror-Billy! (Bronze) — Beat the game on “Call me Terror-Billy!” difficulty or higher

17. I am death incarnate! (Bronze) — Beat the game on “I am death incarnate!” difficulty or higher

18. Mein leben (Bronze) — Beat the game on “Mein leben” difficulty

19. Max a Perk (Silver) — Max a perk

20. Max all perks (Gold) — Max all Perks

21. Bull Rush (Bronze) — Ramshackles tackle a charging Supersoldat

22. Snakebite (Bronze) — Perform a Constrictor Harness takedown

23. The Sky is the Limit (Bronze) — Perform a Battle Walker takedown

24. They did Nazi that Coming (Bronze) — Stealth kill 10 enemies in a row

25. Hard Headed (Silver) — Collect 1000 helmets

26. Coming Back for More (Bronze) — Visit every District

27. Across the Board (Gold) — Complete the Killboard

28. Complete Package (Silver) — Acquire all Contraptions and Contraption upgrades

29. Plus Package (Bronze) — Upgrade a Contraption

30. Make a Point (Silver) — Achieve the highest score in the Shooting Range

Tip: You can find the shooting range at Eva’s Hammer, the hub area of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. For the “Make a Point” trophy you need to get the highest score on the shooting range, which is anything over 375. Upon beating that score the trophy will unlock. Using akimbo is the easiest, as you can alternate fire and get double the clip before reloading.

31. First Loser (Silver) — Achieve the second best time in the Killhouse

Tip: Visiting the Killhouse can be done after Manhattan, during the Old Secrets main mission when you’re asked to “Enter Section F” go to the shooting range.

32. Crippled but Able (Bronze) — Perform a takedown while in the wheelchair

Tip: Missable! In main Mission 1: Under Siege, during the “Reach sail platform elevator” objective, you simply have to get close enough to an enemy while in the wheelchair and melee (press onto the R3 button / right analog stick) to perform the takedown.

33. Hail Mary (Bronze) — Throw a hatchet and kill an enemy from 30m

34. Sightseeing (Bronze) — Visit a District

35. Puzzler (Bronze) — Decipher an Übercommander’s location using the Enigma Machine

36. Retro (Bronze) — Play Wolfstone 3D

37. Ghost (Silver) — Finish a District without triggering an alarm

38. Sidetracked (Silver) — Complete all side missions

Hidden Trophies:

39. Carrying the Torch (Bronze) — Use the power armor

40. Enemy Within (Bronze) — Stop the Nazi signal from Section F

41. Amazing Grace (Bronze) — Recruit Grace’s group

42. It’s Fricking Space Aliens! (Bronze) — Find Area 52

43. R.I.P. (Bronze) — Kill dad

44. All the Gains! (Bronze) — Get a new body

45. Sermons and Moonshine (Bronze) — Recruit Horton’s group

46. Venus (Bronze) — Travel to outer space

47. The Ausmerzer (Bronze) — Capture the Ausmerzer

48. Kick It (Bronze) — Kill Hitler during the Aerostat Audition

Tip: Missable! During the main mission on Venus, you will need to perform an audition. When you are called up to act a scene, you need to press R3 on Hitler laying down on the floor. You’ll kick him in the face and the trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.

49. I’m Machine Enough (Bronze) — Beat the Panzerhund ride without killing anyone on “Bring ’em On!” difficulty or higher

Tip: Missable! During the main mission in New Orleans, you will have to ride a Panzerhund. For the trophy, you need to complete it without killing anybody. This is easy enough to do, just don’t breath fire. I do not think stepping on people counts, but I am not 100% sure.

The difficulty setting also needs to be on at least “Bring ’em On!”. When you reach the door at the end to exit the level the trophy will unlock.

50. Taste of Your own Medicine (Bronze) — Destroy a Zerstörer with an Übergewehr

Tip: For this trophy, you need to “Destroy a Zerstörer with an Übergewehr”. You can find two Zerstörer’s at the end of the final mission “Ausmerzer”.

You will reach the top of the ship and need to take out some enemies (there is an Übergewehr with full ammo just before this section). Once all are gone, two Zerstörer’s will spawn. They have Übergewehr on them so you can either use the one you brought with you earlier or shoot their arm to take it off them/ The gun is very powerful, but these enemies are difficult to defeat.

51. Keep Playing (Bronze) — Wait for the game to resume after the credits

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