Cuphead Cheats

4 October 2017
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Cuphead Cheats

Looking for Cuphead cheats on Xbox One & PC? Here we’ll list Cuphead cheat codes and unlockables with tips for StudioMDHR Entertainment’s new Run & Gun game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Cuphead codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC & Xbox One versions (where available).

Take a look at the cheats below…

Cuphead Cheats

Unlockable Black & White Filter Mode & Vintage Audio Mode

How To Unlock Black & White Filter Mode & Vintage Audio Mode: Complete all 6 Run ‘N Gun levels without killing an enemy (basically, as a pacifist). Once that’s done, walk to the World 3 (Inkwell Isle Three) map’s right-side docks area, where you’ll find a Turtle sitting down.
Not only does this change the visuals to vintage black & white, it also unlocks a vintage audio track.

Turn on these newly unlocked secret modes by pausing the game, and selecting the Options menu, then going to either the Visual or Audio menu to turn it on under “Filter” or “Vintage Mode” respectively (press left / right to switch filter or mode).

Unlockable 2-Strip Technicolor Filter Mode

How To Unlock 2-Strip Technicolor Filter Mode: Get 17 letter grade A or higher (A+ or P for being a pacifist) when completing all of the World 1 to 3 boss levels. Then go talk to the monocle Fork man in the middle of the World 3 (Inkwell Isle Three) map to unlock this secret mode.

Turn on these newly unlocked secret mode by pausing the game, and selecting the Options menu, then going to the Visual menu to turn it on under “Filter” (press left / right to switch filters).

Unlockable New World 3 Overworld Music

How To Change The World 3 Overworld Music: On the World 3 (Inkwell Isle Three) map repeatedly talk to both the A) Wolfgang Radio Player character on the top side of the map to the left of the Theatre entrance and B) the Ludwig LP Player character on the left-hand side of the map near the coin-level. After talking to both a few times the music will change between talking to each of them.

This changes the overworld music from the upbeat jazz tune to a piano melodic song.

Play Online Co-op Multiplayer

How To Play Cuphead Online Co-op Multiplayer on PC: While both the Xbox One and PC versions of Cuphead have Local Co-op Multiplayer, the developers have yet to add an Online Co-op Multiplayer option, although one was hinted as part of a possible future game update!

In the meantime, here’s a video guide on how PC players with the Nvidia Experience desktop app can play Cuphead together online. In the Nvidia app under General settings select “Enable experimental features” to get the update and also turn on In-Game Overlay, and on Gamestream feature’s Stream settings say “Yes” to allowing a friend to join a game and play as a guest.
Now start the game. As the game host, Launch the game with your controller already plugged in. Do not touch the inputs on it. Load into the game using only the keyboard. Once you’re on the map, press A on the controller a few times to join in as Player 2.
Then invite your friend to your game. They will control Player 1 with the keyboard and you will continue on as Player 2 using the controller.


These are all the Cuphead cheats discovered on Xbox One & PC so far. We also made the handy Cuphead guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

Credits: Maka, Xonevant, Reddragon & Zack.

Do you know of any Cuphead cheats or unlockables?
Let us know in the comments, you’ll get credit for finding out. – Thanks for visiting!


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