Hokuto ga Gotoku Dated for Japan. TGS 2017 Trailer

Hokuto ga Gotoku will launch for PlayStation 4 on February 22 in Japan for 8,390 yen, Sega announced at the 2017 PlayStation Press Conference in Japan.

Watch the Hokuto ga Gotoku TGS 2017 Trailer:

A 12,301 yen “Century’s End Premium Edition” will include a “Premium Downloadable Content Set” with the following add-ons:

Change Kenshiro’s Appearance to that of Yakuza‘s Kazuma Kiryu – With this add-on, you can change the appearance of Kenshiro to that of Yakuza series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. You can change the character model at any time. Some event scenes may not reflect the character model change.

Product Code for Additional Music “Ai wo Torimodosu!!” and “Tough Boy” – With this add-on, you can use the songs “Ai wo Torimodose!!” by Crystal King and “Tough Boy” by Tom Cat as in-game background music. You can change the background music at any time. Music can only be changed in some scenes.

“Nanto Gosha Sei” Set – An item set with equipment that has various efefcts and will allow you to proceed the game more advantageously.

Tetsuo Hara-illustrated PlayStation 4 custom theme and Fist of the North Star avatars – A PlayStation 4 custom theme with visual design illustrated by Tetsuo Hara and a Fist of the North Star PlayStation Network avatars set.

Pre-orders include a PlayStation 4 custom theme (the same custom theme included with the Century’s End Limited Edition).