How To Unlock All Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Characters

20 September 2017
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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Unlockable Characters

How to unlock all secret Marvel vs Capcom Infinite characters? That question will be answered in this guide that shows you how and who to unlock to get the full roster.

The initial roster available from the get-go in all are 30 characters. And the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite characters select screen has room for plenty of bonus characters, 12 more are promised as part of a season pass.

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How To Unlock Characters In Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Developer Capcom has confirmed 12 more — than the out-of-the-gate playable 30 characters* — will be made available in two Marvel vs Capcom Infinite packs for $30 each, starting with a set through paid downloadable content titled “2017 Character Pass” OR as part of the “Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Deluxe Edition” & “Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Collector’s Edition” to get the first 6 DLC characters. These 2017 & 2018 sets get you 12 DLC characters total, which is expected to cost you $30 twice, so $60 in all extra on PlayStation Network / Xbox Live.

The first six of twelve DLC characters (adding up to make the fighting game’s total: 42 characters) will be available after the game’s launch, at an expected rate of 2 characters per month (October-December) for the remainder of 2017 after the September 19th, 2017 release.

To unlock these downloadable new characters, you have to buy both “2017 Character Pass” and “2018 Character Pass” and download each of the twelve characters once they are made available. Then they will appear as part of your character select screen roster. These character release dates are to be determined, so we’ll keep you updated on this page with announcements.

*Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster List:
1. Arthur
2. Captain America
3. Captain Marvel
4. Chris Redfield
5. Chun-Li
6. Dante
7. Doctor Strange
8. Doramammu
9. Firebrand
10. Frank West
11. Gamora
12. Ghost Rider
13. Haggar (AKA Mike Haggar)
14. Hawkeye
15. Hulk
16. Iron Man
17. Jedah Dohma
18. Morrigan Aensland
19. Nemesis
20. Nova
21. Rocket Raccoon
22. Ryu
23. Spencer (AKA Nathan Spencer)
24. Spider-Man
25. Strider Hiryu
26. Thanos
27. Thor
28. Ultron
29. X (AKA Mega Man X)
30. Zero


  • Unlockable Characters #1-6: Black Panther, Sigma, Venom, Winter Soldier, Monster Hunter (Female) & Black Widow

    How To Unlock: The Deluxe and Collector’s Editions include the main game and a “2017 Character Pass”, which contains access to six all-new additional post-launch characters including Black Panther (Marvel), Sigma (main antagonist from Mega Man X), Venom (Spider-Man), Winter Soldier (Captain America), a female Monster Hunter, and Black Widow (Marvel). This “Season Pass” grants you access to all 6 additional DLC fighters as they get released over the October, November to December 2017 period; at a pace of two DLC characters per month in the above mentioned order.

Note: These 6 DLC characters were not included in the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite planning, therefore this is not on-disc DLC, since these characters reportedly did not go into development until after the full game went gold. Instead, we can expect them to treat downloadable characters just like the full fledged on-disc characters.

Here’s a video that shows the 6 2017 Character Pass DLC characters:

The first six DLC characters for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite revealed! Black Panther, Sigma, Venom, Winter Soldier, Monster Hunter (Female) & Black Widow join the fight later this year.

  • Unlockable Characters #7-12

    How To Unlock: Rumor has it a second $30 DLC Characters Pack called “2018 Character Pass” for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has been in planning and grants access to the 6 remaining DLC fighters — including Gill (from Street Fighter 3), Wolverine (from X-Men), and Doctor Doom (from Fantastic Four) — as they get released over 2018.
    Which of the last 6 DLC character could be next to be announced? Amaterasu, Deadpool, Phoenix, Viewtiful Joe, and more obscure Marvel, Capcom or other guest characters? Who’s your favorite?


  • All Alternate Characters

    How To Unlock: So far 4 Alternate Characters* are playable as “Premium Costumes”, which transform characters from the existing roster into related characters with new appearance, moves, unique voices and dialogue. — At launch there are two editions of the game you can get that include all 4 Costumes: The Deluxe and Collector’s Editions.

    To make the Costumes available, simply download these DLC costumes from your game system’s digital store. Then on the character select screen, choose your character and press left & right on the Costumes selection to change into an alt character outfit. Easy does it!

    *Here’s the list of Alternate Characters available at launch:
    – Hulk becomes Gladiator Hulk,
    – Mega Man X becomes Command Mission X,
    – Ryu becomes Evil Ryu,
    – Thor becomes Warrior Thor.

    This next video shows all alt characters revealed so far:

    Here are the Future Alternate Characters:

    6 more alt characters on the way the rest of 2017! The “2017 Character Pass” DLC also includes a Premium Costume for each of these character: Black Panther, Sigma, Venom, Winter Soldier, Monster Hunter (Female), and Black Widow.
    Another 6 alt characters are expected throughout 2018, as part of that year’s Character Pass DLC.

Source: Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Characters Website

Who else do you want to be part of the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite downloadable characters?


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