Metroid: Samus Returns Walkthrough

The 100% Metroid: Samus Returns walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this action-adventure game on the 3DS & 2DS.

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Please note that viewers must be at least 7 or 10 to watch, in Europe or America respectively, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes. This game includes Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence, and Mild Suggestive Themes.

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Metroid: Samus Returns Walkthrough


Brave the hostile terrain of an alien planet and hunt down a dangerous species in Metroid: Samus Returns, a complete reimagining of the 1992 Game Boy title Metroid II: Return of Samus, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems.

Suit up as the legendary bounty hunter Samus Aran and prepare for a classic 2D Metroid adventure rebuilt from the ground up. Navigate the vast labyrinths of planet SR388, gather new weapons and abilities to enhance your arsenal, and embark on a mission to terminate the Metroid menace once and for all.

What’s new?

Experience the perils of planet SR388 with immersive, atmospheric 3D visuals, and explore updated and expanded locations. Get to grips with your surroundings at a glance by viewing a detailed map on the Touch Screen, and return to previously visited areas by stepping into one of the many new Teleport Stations.

Master a variety of new weapons and advanced tactics to overcome the planet’s vicious wildlife, and survive deadly boss encounters. Deflect incoming projectiles and defend against enemy attacks with a well-timed melee counter-attack, and fire in any direction with the 360-degree Free Aim Mode.

Discover a brand new set of game-changing abilities fuelled by a mysterious energy resource called Aeion. With Aeion abilities, you can reveal unexplored areas and item locations, unleash a barrage of fire against the enemy, and even slow down time.

Key Game Features:

  • A Galactic Undertaking — A large infestation of deadly Metroids has been detected on planet SR388. Concerned by the increasing threat these alien lifeforms pose, the Galactic Federation sends Samus to hunt down and destroy the Metroids before they fall into the wrong hands.
  • The Glorious Past — Classic Metroid 2D gameplay is back! Enjoy side-scrolling, platforming action as you make your way through a labyrinthian world filled with secrets and hostile enemies. Upgrade your firepower by seeking out ancient technology, and harness your unique abilities to access new areas and overcome intense boss battles.
  • Amiibo Support — You can tap amiibo (sold separately) to unlock items to help you on your mission! You can also tap amiibo to unlock additional content once you’ve completed the game.


Welcome to the Metroid: Samus Returns walkthrough!

Bear will be your guide showing you around the game’s areas, while picking up 100% of the collectibles. This walkthrough includes all missiles expansions, all energy tanks, all upgrades, all bosses, the final boss up to the ending.

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