Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Guide

Here’s the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Guide for the new Destiny 2 Leviathan Map on PS4, Xbox One & PC.

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Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Guide

This is a full guide to complete the Leviathan Raid.

The Leviathan Raid is set within The Leviathan, the personal spaceship of the exiled Cabal Emperor Calus.

Intro: How To Start The Leviathan Raid

Here’s how to get started in the Leviathan Raid:

5 Things You Need to Know Before Beginning The Leviathan Raid:

Requirement #1: To survive Destiny 2’s first Raid, you’re required to have a Power Level range of between 260-280 according to Bungie.

Requirement #2: You need to have picked up the “On The Comms” quest step from killing random enemies (like Cabal in 2 or 3 Public Events) after you complete the campaign and hit Character Level 20. This starts the World Eater Exotic quest line, where you’ll next need to return to Nessus and recover 5 communication ciphers from Red Legion troops by killing random Cabal there (by doing 3 or 4 Public Events). After that you’re told to “await the arrival of the World-Eater” AKA the Leviathan spaceship.

UP NEXT: A full walkthrough up to the ending!

Encounter 1: Royal Pools Guide

Here are all the steps to take to finish the Leviathan Raid:

This next guide will give a step-by-step playthrough of the sequence of events you’ll need to complete to finish this Raid map.

Royal Pools Strategy Guide:

To complete Royal Pools, you must destroy all 9 lanterns in the center of the room. In order to lower them from the ceiling you must stand on all 4 pressure plates in each corner of the room.

Split the raid into 2 teams of 3. Then divide the room into 2 halves, the left side and the right side from where you entered. Each side will have a lower and a higher section. To start the encounter, you stand on all 5 pressure plates, the 4 in each corner as well as the center. Jump on all plates at the exact same time to start. When you start the encounter all players will be given 50 seconds of protection. Each second you are in the water will lower your protection until it hits zero and at which point you’ll take damage and die.

The strategy is to have someone on each corner plate at all times to raise the chains while rotating with a 3rd person and recharging your protection. If you’re on the left side, you’ll have one person in each corner plate plus the third that started in the middle. The corner people will lose protection as they stand on the plate because they are in the water. The third person will relieve the person on the upper section of your half (left or right depending on which side of the room you’re assigned to). Throughout the raising of the chains, Ceremonial Bathers will come from the floor. They will always appear on the upper section of the room first.

Once the Bather is destroyed on the upper section (the 3rd person should help take it down without stepping in the water), the 3rd needs to take the place on the upper plate and the original plate standing teammate should run to the center of the room and jump to the plate with the orb. This will give a new 50 second protection. There is a 3 second respawn on the orb once someone takes it.Try to take out one or two mobs here if you have a quick moment, but always keep moving.

Once that person refreshes their protection they will now relieve the person on the bottom plate of their half. The bottom person will be dealing with their own Ceremonial Bather just prior to getting replaced. The bottom person will wait until they get relieved of their plate duties and need to run to the middle to refresh their orb and then head to the upper section plate and relieve that person. Someone should always be standing on a plate while your fireteam rotates between the positions.

That will be the final rotation before all 4 chains are fully raised (listen for the sound). Once all 4 of them are locked into position the entire raid will need to converge back on the middle plate and while on the middle plate everyone will be given a “Force of Will” buff. This will allow you to damage the lanterns in the corner. You can only damage the lanterns while under this buff. It’s a good idea to assign someone to deal with the mobs in the room, especially if they have a super available. Be careful, once the protection ends, you don’t want to be on the center plate standing in the water. someone may die and not know why.

At this time, the chains will reset and you’ll need to start the process of raising them once again so everyone goes back to their original starting position. Try to get everyone to jump on their starting plates about the same time. Doesn’t have to be perfect, but within a few seconds is ideal. Eventually you’ll need to run back into the middle for the second lantern shooting section and ideally you will have destroyed all the lanterns and the encounter is over. If not, repeat the process a third time.

Encounter 2: Pleasure Gardens Guide

The Destiny 2 Pleasure Gardens Leviathan Raid encounter guide continues.

Pleasure Gardens Strategy Guide:

To complete this encounter you have to kill all six Warhounds. When you first enter the area you just need to clear the area. Assign two playeres to be the spotters and then the four remaining players to the pollen squad. It’s the job of the two spotters to call out where the special flowers are located. They’ll also need to rechard their light from time to time There’s always one plant on the left side and one on the right. Collect both and two more will spawn, one on each side once again.

The pollen squad need to pick up the pollen and stealthily make it to the special glowing flower. The spotter calls out it’s location and helps warn them of hounds while they make their way. The spotters should take out any Handlers that appear but be careful shooting around the hounds.

The key to this encounter is building up the empowering spores multiplier to x48. When the pollen group gets to the special flower the spotter needs to use the light to charge the pollen. Each flower adds x12. The problem is that you have a limited time before the hounds get restless and start hunting you. Once they start attacking you, you have 60 seconds to take their health down and return to the safe zone. Without x48 or even a x36 damage multiplier, you won’t do anything substantial to them. You have 4 damage rounds to kill all 6 hounds.

The best strategy is to get the health of all 6 dogs really low without killing them and use one round to take down all 6 of them at the same time. If you kill one hound in any round, than the next pollen phase will be shorter and shorter before the hounds get restless preventing you from reaching x48.

My group assigned 1 hound for each player and during each attack of the hound phase, we went to our assigned hound. To get a x48 during the pollen phase, you must move quickly, sometimes even run so knowing where they’re at and their path is paramount.

Encounter 3 & 4: The Gauntlet & Emperor Calus

The Destiny 2 The Gauntlet & Emperor Calus Leviathan Raid encounters guide conclusion.

Encounter Starting Timeline:
• [11:00] — The Gauntlet Encounter
• [14:52] — Emperor Calus Boss Fight Encounter

The Gauntlet Strategy Guide:

Defeat enemies until the Imperial Centurion appears, then kill it to reveal two Psionic Charges. The two players who pick up the Psionic Charges will be teleported into a circular obstacle course along the room’s outer walls. While the Psionic Charge-carriers run these gauntlets, the four players who remain in the center of the room must fight off waves of enemies while disabling the shield walls that block the carrier’s path.

The carriers will be able to see which of three rows of circular apertures is lit by a red light; the other apertures will be green. The carriers must call out to the rest of the team to shoot the marker for the correct row. If done correctly, this will disable the shield and cause an orb of Psionic energy to appear in the red aperture. The carriers must pass through that orb to prevent triggering a team-killing debuff called Mental Collapse from one of the invincible Psion Projections monitoring the course; the carriers must also run the gauntlet in a timely manner to prevent another team-killing debuff called Psionic Overcharge. Repeat this at each shield wall and then pass through the final orb and the finish line, then place the Psionic Charges in the dais in the room’s center. This will complete the first phase of the stage.

The next phase of the stage increases the difficulty for the carrier by removing sections of the floor in the gauntlet area, requiring more precise jumping skills. Once finished, again place the two Charges in the dais.

The third phase will raise the barricades in between the shield walls, requiring carriers to jump higher. When the final two Charges are planted in the dais, all six Psionic Charges will then spawn at the dais and a countdown timer called “Psionic Overload” will appear. The entire team must pick up a Charge, run the gauntlet, and replant the charges in the dais before the timer runs out. Success unlocks a new loot chest, earns the Ventilator Key, and allows the team to proceed to the next stage. Calus has deigned to reward your valor with an audience.

Emperor Calus Strategy Guide:

To begin the fight, the chalice Emperor Calus holds must be shot out of his hand. He will attack by summoning adds and targeting players with a line-of-sight “Emperor’s Gaze” forehead laser. After a short period of fighting, the team will be teleported into a shadowy realm where a massive projection of Calus’s head will attempt to inhale and devour them using the lethal debuff Boundless Consumption. Three players can grab Psionic Charges before they are devoured, which will teleport them back to the Throne.

The other three players must shoot projections of Calus’s four Psion Councilors to disable their shields in the Throne so the they can be killed. Each Psion is represented by a symbol above their shield (chalice, War Beast, sun, and crossed swords), and the symbol of the projection that appears in the outside area will appear on the shadow Calus’s forehead. The projections will appear in pairs for each symbol and must be destroyed, or Calus will inflict the Mental Collapse team-wipe debuff. Once all four pairs are gone, the icon above Calus’s forehead will turn black and a final set of projections will appear. Destroy them, and Calus will vomit Cabal skulls at players which can be shot before they inflict damage and grant the stacking, team-wide buff “Force of Will”. Once the barrage ends, three more Psionic Charges will appear and the players can use them to return to the Throne.

With the team reunited, standing on one of the four daises where the Councilors were will grant the Force of Will buff and allow players to damage Calus directly for a time. The amount of Force of Will buff acquired determines how much damage can be inflicted. Be aware that Calus will cause lethal flames to spring up on the occupied dais, and players should jump off and move to the next dais before this happens. As Calus is damaged, pieces of his carapace will fall away, revealing robotics; Calus has chosen to not fight in person. The first time this happens, Calus will begin using an arm-mounted cannon in addition to his forehead laser. After all four daises have been used, Calus will teleport the team back outside to repeat the process of destroying projections and collecting Force of Will. As Calus’s health nears zero, he will summon a durable energy shield to protect himself which must be shot away.

Once the Calus robot has been slain, the raid’s final challenge is complete. The true Emperor Calus will speak through the robot, boasting of the power he has displayed and inviting the Guardians to join his side, while offering more treasure. An elevator in the room’s center will then descend to a massive vault containing numerous other Calus robots and a final loot chest.
At this point, the raid is finished. If this is the first time a player has completed Leviathan, they will receive the Quest “Imperial Invitation”, which directs them to the newly-available vendor Benedict 99-40 in the basement of the Bazaar in the Tower to redeem any Emperor Calus Tokens for Imperial Engrams containing raid loot. Benedict will also present the Quest “End the Arms Dealer”, which rewards the Exotic shotgun Legend of Acrius.

Emperor Calus Boss Fight Tips:

Emperor Calus is the final boss in the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid. He is a rather tricky boss and you need to have really good coordination with your team. Here’s how you beat it:

Split the group into teams of 3, one group are the Mind’s Eye Dimension group and the other stay in the boss fight room where Calus is.

At the start, keep defeating adds until Calus claps his hands. This will send all of you into the Mind’s Eye dimension. The ones who you designated to stay with Calus run straight to the glowing orbs to return.

Now, the team who are still in here have the tricky job of defeating the Psions as they spawn.They’ll be two in bubbles and 3 that spawn in front. It is critical the two in the bubbles are defeated as if you don’t and they stay for about 7 seconds, it will wipe the team. The pother 3 regulat psions can blast you off the wall and that will also be a wipe for you team as all three are needed in that dimension to complete it. You need to be careful of holes and ramps as well in the Mind’e Eye area as this bring you over the wall and you will fall over the edge.

So, each player in the Mind’s Eye will see a symbol on the large Calus head in front of you. It will be different for each player. Each player needs to call out which symbol it is (axes, dog, sun, cup). Whichever one they DIDN’T call out, the team out of the dimension need to jump on that plate and melee that Psion only! Repeat this until the team in the dimension reach the large Calus head.

The players in the dimension must now shoot the purple skulls that appear in front of you, make sure you shoot as many as many as you can as this will give you a damage multiplier when you come to do DPS on the boss.

The players out of the dimension do what they have been doing, killing adds, but when Calus starts charging up they need to shoot him and stagger him else it will wipe everybody. It doesn’t take many shots.

Now, once all the skulls are gone you can teleport out and back to the others out of the dimension. You now start to damage the boss. Jump on the right most plate (all 6 of you) and do as much damage as you can. When Calus claps, you need to jump off and go to the next plate. Keep doing this until all 4 plates are used.

You just keep repeating all the tips above until you beat Calus. Only thing that changes is the lower health he gets, the more adds spawn and hole start to appear in the Mind’s Eye dimension area. He also gets a laser when he has half health so watch out for him charging a laser instead of clapping when you are on the plates.

There you go! You will soon have all the details you need to complete the new Leviathan Raid map.

Big thanks to Bungie, Arekkz Gaming, Brian, Harry94 & Destinypedia for the discoveries on & after launch day!

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