Metroid: Samus Returns Weapons Trailer

Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for Metoid: Samus Returns. This one focuses on the weapons, and showcases the vast arsena Samus Aran will need to rely on in order to complete her mission on SR388.

Check Out the Metroid: Samus Returns Weapons Trailer:

Here’s the various weapons (but also abilities, and suits) showcased in the trailer:

Spazer Beam: “The high-output Spazer Beam fires three beams at once;”
Power Beam: Samus’ standard weapon in pretty much all Metroid games;
Charge Beam: you can charge your shots for more power. Can open yellow doors;
Ice Beam: can freeze enemies, which can then be used as platforms;
Wave Beam: your shots go through walls and obstacles;
Grappling Beam: can be used to move around, but also pull things towards you (enemies, switches, etc.)
Plasma Beam: three shots, can open special doors;
Missile: for extra fire power, can open red doors;
Super Missile: same as regular missiles, but even more powerful. Can open green doors;
Morph Ball: Samus transforms into ball to go through tight space;
Spider Ball: allows you to roll around on walls;
Spring Ball: allow you to jump in Morph Ball;
Bomb: low power bombs useable while in Morph Ball. Can be used for jumps, too;
Power Bomb: extremely power bombs useable in Morph Ball. Can be used to destroy some special blocks;
High Jump Boots: allows you to jump higher than with regular jumps;
Space Jump: allows you to jump several times in a row;
Screw Attack: same as Space Jump, but you also deal damage if you hit enemies during a jump;
Varia Suit: allows Samus to withstand intense heat
Gravity Suit: allows Samus to walk freely in water, but also lava;
Aeion Abilities.

Metroid: Samus Returns will launch for 3DS on September 15.