Destiny 2: How To Level Up Fast Guide

Welcome to the “Destiny 2: How To Level Up Fast Guide“. On this page we’ll show you a Experience Points Boost Guide, which explains how to get to Level 20 fast in Destiny 2 with the right equipment to gain 300 Power Level in the PS4, Xbox One & PC open world Action-RPG FPS game sequel.

Use this hint video guide to rapidly earn XP by grinding mid-game and speeding your way to level 20 for starters:

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Destiny 2: How To Level Up Fast Guide

Quick Steps Guide to Leveling Up:

Step 1: Play through all 16 Story Mission & some of the 29 Adventure Missions in the campaign to get your character to Level 20 ASAP.

Step 2: Spend Glimmer at Regional Vendors to gain Power Level (the new Light Level). Then play through the 5 Strikes, complete Farm Challenges (the new Bounties), open the Lost Sector loot chests, and generally pick up all loot drops to get to Power Level 260.

Step 3: To gain Power Level 260-300 loot drops pay attention to the endgame loot that’s flagged with a tooltip on the Director map. Get these by completing the weekly Milestones (Flashpoint, Call to Arms & Nightfall), Leviathan Raid (coming September 13th), and the PvP Events like Trials of Osiris (coming September 13th).

More tips on how to get past Power Level 260 in this video guide:

I hope these tips to level up fast will help you get to Power Level 300.

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