Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC: No More Single-Player Updates or Content Planned

24 August 2017
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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s single-player campaign has reached its final form as BioWare will no longer release any updates or DLC for this main mode.

“Our last update, 1.10, was the final update for Mass Effect: Andromeda,” BioWare said in a statement about the game’s fate. “There are no planned future patches for single-player or in-game story content.”

BioWare will, however, continue to add more multiplayer content.

“The game was designed to further expand on the Pathfinder’s journey through this new galaxy with story-based APEX multiplayer missions,” the developer stated. “In the coming weeks, our multiplayer team will provide details of their ongoing support and upcoming content, including new multiplayer missions, character kits, and what’s in store for N7 Day [i.e. 7th November].”

When it comes to lore, BioWare said it will continue to expand on this through novels and comics, which will reveal the fate of the quarian ark.


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