Destiny 2 Beta Exotic Weapons Locations Guide

This Destiny 2 Beta Exotic Weapons locations guide explains where to find the best weapons in the beta, the Destiny 2 Beta Exotic gear items. Forget about Legendary weapons, Exotic is where it’s at! But we’ll show you where the Legendaries are at as well. 😉

Find out where to get Exotic Weapons in the Destiny 2 Beta: The detailed overview for each of the Exotic Weapon locations is listed below!

Destiny 2 Beta Exotic Weapons Locations Guide

Destiny 2 Beta How To Get Exotic Weapons Guide: At the start of the Campaign’s first story mission titled “Homecoming” you can pick up the your class’ exotic weapon in the armory after meeting Cayde-6 for the first time, as then Lord Shaxx will open the armory for you to pick up some new weapons! – Don’t go past the armory too fast, as there are both Legendary and Exotic weapons to be picked up.

• The Hunter Class will find the Sunshot Exotic Hand Cannon;
• The Warlock Class will find the Riskrunner Exotic Submachinegun;
• The Titan Class will find the Sweet Business Exotic Auto Rifle.

Note: Yes, this means there are only 3 Exotic weapons in the Beta, limited to 1 per class.

This video guide shows where in the “Homecoming” story mission you can find your class’ Exotic weapon:
While the Campaign walkthrough with voice-over tips starts at 13 minutes into this video, the Exotic location opens at 14:20 minutes.

I hope these tips helped you find the Exotic Weapon.

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