Hey! Pikmin ‘Lift-Off’ Trailer

Nintendo released a new trailer titled “Lift-Off” for Hey! Pikmin today that gives an overview of the upcoming 3DS side-scrolling 2.5D Pikmin platformer.

Watch the Hey! Pikmin ‘Lift-Off’ Trailer:

The video starts off by showcasing the game’s premise. Olimar’s spaceship, the dolphin, is once again hit by an asteroid, and the pilot once again crash-lands on a unknown planet. His ship gets wrecked and he runs out of fuel, so Olimar must search find 30,000 Sparklium to power his ship and get him off the planet. Fortunately, he finds that Pikmin also inhabit this planet, and they once again help Olimar on this new adventure.

The trailer then delves into the gameplay mechanics. Players can find Pikmin hiding all of the planet, and like in the previous games, they can be thrown in order to carry objects, attack enemies, or work together to topple something. Each Pikmin’s special abilities also carry over: red Pikmin are resistant to fire; yellow Pikmin are resistant to voltage and can be thrown higher and farther; blue Pikmin can be go underwater; winged Pikmin can fly; and Rock Pikmin can break through glass barriers.

Players can also find items from the real world, such as a battery or NES cartridge, in the game. These are worth a ton of Sparklium, and Olimar also gives them funny names and descriptions in his log. Pikmin who survive an expedition go to live in the Pikmin Park, where they search for Sparklium while Olimar is on a mission.

Players can use amiibo to spawn statues of the amiibo’s character in the game, and those are worth a ton of Sparklium. The Pikmin amiibo, which launches at the same time as the game, spawns a random statue, and allows the player to call for backup Pikmin during a mission.

Hey! Pikmin releases on Nintendo 3DS July 28.