Pokemon Go Raids Explained (Guide)

25 June 2017
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Pokemon Go Raids Explained Guide

On this page you’ll get Pokemon Go Raids Explained in a Strategy Guide! Learn how Raids work, how you can participate, strategies how to maximize your chances of catching a Raid Boss, and everything else you need to know about Raids in Pokémon Go!

In this video guide Nick explains step-by-step how to do Pokemon Go Raids:

Pokemon Go Raids Explained

In order to complete all Raids you encounter you must follow the steps as outlined in the handy guide above.

Raids are easily the best content addition to Pokémon Go since launch, so you won’t want to miss out on the fun!

Raid Battles, the brand-new cooperative social gameplay experience, have arrived and will soon be available to everyone. Trainers will have the opportunity to team up with others nearby and work together to defeat extremely powerful Pokémon known as Raid Bosses. Raid Battles are timed in-game events that will temporarily take over a Gym, providing Trainers from all teams the chance to visit the Gym and group up together to challenge the Raid Boss and potentially earn special new items along with an opportunity to catch these Pokémon. Friends can also create Private Raid groups via a customizable code system that allows Trainers to invite their friends to a specific Raid group.

Raids are finally here in Pokemon Go and I know that you have questions, so let’s start answering them. First thing’s first, as of right now from Friday evening June 23rd 2017 Raids are available for trainers level 25 and up worldwide. Raids will take place where you have any gym around you, it was previously limited to sponsored gyms only, but has since been opened to train as level 25 and Raids can take place at any gym, so don’t worry if you don’t have sponsored gyms near you. Don’t wait, just go to any gym in case you haven’t been paying attention to YouTube or Twitter or anything for the last few days, Raids are essentially boss battles where there’s one very strong Pokémon. It requires a group of people to team up and take it down, and if you beat the Raid boss you have a chance to catch a version of that Pokemon at a much lower level. A reasonable level Raids have 5 difficulty levels 1-2 will have pink eggs, levels 3-4 have gold / yellow eggs, and another 5th level is dark or legendary eggs. While no one has seen a legendary Raid yet, the game’s developer Niantic will probably save those for something special like maybe Pokemon Go Fest in July. The way you determine which Pokémon might appear as a Raid Boss is done like this: So far the Pokémon that have been reported as possible level 1 Raid Bosses are Magikarp, Bayleef, Quilava & Croconaw, for level 2 Raid Bosses we’ve seen Electabuzz, Magmar, Muk, Weezing & Exeggutor, then level 3 Raid Bosses include Alakazam, Gengar, Machamp, Arcanine, Jolteon, Flareon & Vaporeon, the next level 4 Raid Bosses include Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Lapras, Snorlax, Tyranitar & Rhydon. Like mentioned before, level 5 Raid Bosses are going to be reserved for Legendary Pokemon and of course we’ll let you know as soon as these start showing up. Which is expected any time soon, not saying that means this week, but soonish (July 22 is the current rumor). Same way glasses have greatly increase starts with maximum CP appearing anywhere between 8 to 10 times the Pokémon’s normal maximum CP to his big very strong versions of the Pokemon that you’re going to be bad when you danced in for a while on the high level a bus is at least you will need a group of people level 1 into raids in definitely be sold if you have strong enough Pokémon to find ways you can just look around at James and see if there’s any gyms with an egg on top of a you have a timer to let you know when the egg is going to hatch in the way will be available for you to participate in or you can open up your tracker your Radar and for this you need to have the Raid Pass. The Radar shows all the Raids near by which will also be visible on the map where should I wait, this list will only show Raids at gyms that are currently visible on your back and you’ll find a way that you want participated I would suggest trying to get there early or running time because the most but it seems like that’s one keyboard showing up in my experience a group of people would generally be there right when the Raid starts, especially with the higher level Raids you will probably have better chances of meeting up with the group if you get there right away. Once you enter the gym you can battle the Raid Boss you can have a quick panel to join the public lobby or you can join a private lobby which you all set a password for and if you get that password your friends they join the same private lobby as you so which one he has a limit of €20 per room so again if there’s like a ton of people around you want to do it with your friends you’ll have to setup a private lobby for that to join the way you will need a Raid Pass you can get one free Raid Pass per day by spinning PokeStops or gyms stops spinning jenny holidays and besides that you can buy Premium Raid Passes from the In-game shop or 100 pokecoins each one player enters a regular be a tunnel start for 120 seconds to minutes and all the players that joined Unit 2 minutes or enter as a group together during a tuna while we can set your lineup choose a Pokemon that you want bringing tobacco in the forbidden room is it really doesn’t matter because the program on the red bus is going to go down really quickly when you have a lot of people attacking but if you’re by yourself you definitely want to choose the best Pokemon to Canada specific raid bosses you’re going up against once you’re in the battle eight functions exactly the same as a normal to barrel tap professor 10 charger to charge for hold for your charge HR inspector. The only difference where is it the way but doesn’t have a warning flash for the taxi won’t know when to dodge when your boss is attacking with the Dragon attacks and definitely recommend just spending your tax especially in a group it’s going to deal with Don’t waste time with garden when are a bastard child attack you definitely want to try it. If you can you’re going to have to pay attention what’s the animations work for a warning text if it actually. But in my Clio warning flash on the way back uses its charge it up in with a really bad and CP Snorlax using hyper beam you definitely want to try the dogs out if possible because it’s probably going to one hit kill your booking on unicorns will have 180 seconds (three minutes) to defeat the robots and that’s plenty of time as long as you have enough people proposing why were able to easily solo not so do however 3rd bass with one year time is fair so it’s wrong with that something crazy like a small axe should be a bit besides a chance to catch the rare Pokemon there are also some pretty good rewards for being around Barstow new items including working visa Golden raspberries Indians were Kings are great because I can be converted into any Pokémon Hindi sort your music writing be on a $500 I can read that one where Phoebe is essentially worth 5 kilometres of working so definitely a very valuable reward go to Golden Razz Berry is a great because it gives you a greatly increased chance of catching a pokemon in the world you cannot see them on a raid boss you’re really increase your chance of getting there anything else to be fed to Pokemon in gyms to fully restore their motivation other personally I think I would save them for getting raid bosses because some of them in the Pretty difficult is available Pokemon a lot of the time and they have pretty low bass catch rates that I don’t use TMs what is another new item there last attempt to use and child attacked in and using advanced auto detect TM on Pokemon work has it to forget it’s current score chart move in when you know one another one out of its potential GoPro so definitely use all those high IV Pokemon involved in that terrible lizards on I’m glad he said um I don’t know because you finally have it chance to get better moves on those documents on your bags from being a late bars in Hilton 3000 experience which is a pretty sort them out you will also be rewarded premier balls at the end of a raid boss battle in the middle coming about you get is going to depend on a few factors 15 career goals essay based reward for defeating the boss and you’ll gain a few extra depending on the contribution your gain a few dependent haven’t dated Who Doctor Who battles somewhere between 1 and 3 is what I’ve seen from screenshots go to get two extra period of a 14 controls the gym before the Raid starts, though for higher level Ryde weather for indefinitely for level 5 legendaries I expect people to be showing up early the toilet a control the gym because those two extra premier balls are going to make a big difference anyway also games and goals premier bowls based on your teams contribution to the Battle so the team that deals the most damage will get three balls the teenagers the second most damage to walls in the team that deals the least damage will get one more thing I’ve never been the cheese grater waste so good for her otherwise it’s going to be pretty beneficial to Raid with the group and especially with a group that’s the same tune as you because you’re going to get some extra bonus balls if you can take control at gym before the Raid starts in if U team deals the most damage to the robot would you go to Premier whilst you have a chance to catch the rare Pokemon it’s likely be the crazy 3000 CP version of it it’s going to be a level 20 version of that Pokemon level 20 is the same level 2 Pokemon hatch from eggs in your side Pokemon that hatch from eggs in Pokemon are going to have a better chance of having hire Ibiza. Italy incentive to bed or lose weight Pokemon even if it’s a weekly programme like Magikarp, a Bayleef clover dragon where you have a good chance of getting a Pokemon with good IV’s at level 20, it’s another way you were going to be like in the other hatching a good IV Totodile or Chikorita from an egg because you only have to evolve it wants to go to the final evolution I wouldn’t do not recommend using your free Raid Pass on whether one raid trying to save that until you see a hell of a Raid, unless you really need one of those Pokemon Pearl pokedex when you specifically wanted for whatever reason chatting away Pokemon works exactly like any other Pokémon and camera but remember you are going to want to get his money period as possible because I want his Pokemon fully evolved and have very low base Catterick so you might struggle to catch them you can’t throw greater excellent tours if you have a stock call you might even want to use a few Golden Raspberries to increase your odds of catching the Pokémon would you do text away but it’s been a different laws in different ideas for everyone in Cardiff it’s not based on level is not based on anything it’s going to be much Raid in them for everyone so some people in the group are probably going to get luckier than others but you get good IV’s and don’t worry you can get to yams and beading raid bosses it should go without saying after that the Whale Pokémon that you catch is not necessarily not the same moves at the rate box was actually use That is also worth noting that if your Pokémon inventory is full when he started me you won’t get the opportunity to catch that made Pokémon after completing away so make sure he will you start a way that you have at least one empty slot in Pokémon inventory I have a lot of comments I haven’t tried it myself but people are saying that you can read the barrel Thornton space in your inventory and then jump back into the bottle without having to wait Malaga again so definitely possible if you forget to clear up space but if you finish the battle completely redone in space we are the one. That covers just about everything for the new Raid system in Pokemon Go.


I hope these tips helped explain Pokemon Go Raids.

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