Little Nightmares Trailer Hints at future DLC

Bandai Namco has released an accolades trailer for Little Nightmares, and the end of it contains a rather interesting hint pertaining to its future.

Watch the Little Nightmares Accolades Trailer:

Developed by Tarsier Studios, the suspense-adventure side-scroller Little Nightmares was released on April 28, and it looks like a new friend will be joining Six going by the trailer.

At the very end of the trailer, you’ll see a little boy appear. Whether he will join Six, the little girl in the yellow raincoat, or he will be the sole star of some upcoming DLC remains to be seen.

“Be patient and watch until the very end to get a clue about the future of Little Nightmares,” per the press release. “Who’s that boy?”

Little Nightmares is available in digital and physical format on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.