Prey 2017 Keycodes & Passwords List

Check out the Prey 2017 Keycodes & Passwords List for the new PC, PS4 & Xbox One action-adventure game.

The keycodes & passwords list for all access codes is shown below.

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Prey 2017 Keycodes & Passwords List

Most keycodes on Talos I are randomly generated, changing each time you start a new game. However, there are a few codes that never change. Use the following static codes listed below to quickly unlock doors and security safes.

Safe / Door Locations & Static Keycodes:

• The Debriefing Safe in the Neuromod Division — 5150
• Morgan Yu’s Office Door in the Talos I Lobby — 0451
• The Security Safe in the Talos I Lobby — 0526
• The Holding Room Door in the Talos I Lobby — 1129
• The I.T. Department Door in the Talos I Lobby — 0913
• Dr. DeVries’ Safe in the Talos I Lobby — 7324
• Dr. Thorstein’s Safe in the Hardware Labs — 9954
• The Armory Door in the Psychotronics — 8714
• Dr. Calvino’s Safe in the Crew Quarters — 0523
• Dr. Igwe’s Cargo Container Door in the Talos I Exterior — 2312
• The Reactor Room Door in the Power Plant — 3845

Remaining Password Keycodes:

• Before attempting to hack a keypad or workstation, take a look around to find the remaining, randomly generated, keycodes and passwords written on nearby notes or contained within emails or audio recordings. For an overview, check out our “Prey 2017 Security Safe & Door Lock Codes Locations Guide” page.

• Additionally, during story objectives NPC characters will provide the rest of the keycodes and passwords.

I hope these tips helped you out. Please check out our other “How To” guides listed at the top of this page to enjoy Prey 2017 more! 😀

Huge thanks to Bethesda for the guide tips.