Unlock All Prey 2017 Codes & Cheats List (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Here’s how to unlock all Prey 2017 codes and cheats. All Prey 2017 cheat codes work for the PC, PS4 & Xbox One versions of this awesome Prey game. 😀

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Index of Prey 2017 Guides:

The lists below give you the cheat description, followed by the code, trick or secret to enter into the game (where available).

Lists are ordered alphabetically and work on all Prey 2017 game system versions.

Unlimited Materials Cheat

How To Get Unlimited Materials: This Unlimited Materials Cheat can be done at any time in game’s story Campaign on any difficulty, as soon as you find any piece of material and a recycler. What you have to do is add the material you want more of to the recycler. Then, switch the view so you can edit what is in the recycler. Now, split the stack about 9 times (doesn’t matter how many times you do it, 9 seems to be the quickest way).

Now recycle it, and for some reason, the game thinks there was more material in there being recycled than there actually was. So you can keep doing this for any material type and have infinite of them. This is very handy for crafting, as you can craft as many items as you want, as long as you have the fabrication plans for it. To summarize:

Step-by-step Guide:

  • Step 1: Find a recycler machine.
  • Step 2: Add any material to it (Example: 10 Mineral Material).
  • Step 3: Split the stack around 9 times, while in the recycler.
  • Step 4: Recycle it to get more of it, repeat.

Video Guide:

All Password Keycodes

How To Unlock All Password Keycodes: Most keycodes on Talos I are randomly generated, changing each time you start a new game. However, there are a few codes that never change. Use the following static codes listed below to quickly unlock doors and safes.

Safe / Door Locations & Static Keycodes:

  • The Debriefing Safe in the Neuromod Division — 5150
  • Morgan Yu’s Office Door in the Talos I Lobby — 0451
  • The Security Safe in the Talos I Lobby — 0526
  • The Holding Room Door in the Talos I Lobby — 1129
  • The I.T. Department Door in the Talos I Lobby — 0913
  • Dr. DeVries’ Safe in the Talos I Lobby — 7324
  • Dr. Thorstein’s Safe in the Hardware Labs — 9954
  • The Armory Door in the Psychotronics — 8714
  • Dr. Calvino’s Safe in the Crew Quarters — 0523
  • Dr. Igwe’s Cargo Container Door in the Talos I Exterior — 2312
  • The Reactor Room Door in the Power Plant — 3845

Remaining Password Keycodes:

  • Before attempting to hack a keypad or workstation, take a look around to find the remaining, randomly generated, keycodes and passwords written on nearby notes or contained within emails or audio recordings. For a complete overview, check out our “Prey 2017 Security Safe & Door Lock Codes Locations Guide” page.
  • Additionally, during story objectives NPC characters will provide the rest of the keycodes and passwords.

PC Cheat Codes

Disclaimer: It has been confirmed that Prey 2017 cheat codes from the original Prey 2006 game (listed below) don’t work on PC, since there’s no dev console.

How To Activate Codes:
– Step 1: Start playing the game.
– Step 2: Hold the [Ctrl] + [Alt] + tilde [~] keys on your keyboard during gameplay to display the Cheat Console window.
– Step 3: Then enter one of the below listed codes, one at a time, to active the corresponding cheat function*.

*The list below gives you the code to enter into the PC version, followed by the cheat description.

  • godCheat Description: God mode. You are effectively invincible.
  • givehealthCheat Description: Health. Heals the player in full.
  • giveammoCheat Description: Full Ammunition.
  • give allCheat Description: Get everything.
  • notargetCheat Description: Invisibility. Enemies can’t see you.
  • noclipCheat Description: Turn Ghost Mode on/off.
  • killCheat Description: Kills the player.
  • spawn monster_centurionCheat Description: Spawns a Centurion.
  • spawn monster_fodderCheat Description: Spawns a Fodder.
  • spawn monster_houndCheat Description: Spawns a Hound.
  • spawn monster_hunterCheat Description: Spawns a Hunter.
  • spawn monster_mutateCheat Description: Spawns a Mutate.


Credits: Bethesda & Harry94

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