Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Continuum Shaolin Shuffle Guide

Here’s the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Continuum Shaolin Shuffle Guide for the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Continuum DLC Zombies Map 2 on PS4 and one month later on Xbox One & PC.

Watch the official Zombies “Map 2: Shaolin Shuffle” story introduction:

Shaolin Shuffle is part of the Continuum package for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the second of four Zombies maps that tie together a new storyline from its Black Ops 1 origins.

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Continuum Shaolin Shuffle Guide

This is a full guide to complete the Shaolin Shuffle zombies map.

The main game’s Zombies in Spaceland continues with this second content pack in Zombies Map 2: Shaolin Shuffle, which is Infinity Ward’s latest chapter in the Infinite Warfare Zombies DLC adventure, called Shaolin Shuffle, that immerses players in an alternate universe.

It is the second installment in Zombies’s four-part episodic narrative driven by four returning characters. Namely, the story is told through the eyes of these four: AJ, Poindexter, Andre, and Sally.

Info: Originally cast as our lovable 80s Jock, AJ has now been catapulted into the 1990s where he must own the role of Hip Hopper, even if he’s a wannabe. Feeling like a fish out of water he’s doing his best to survive the night in the woods, no matter what tries to slice and dice him.

Info: Our favorite 80s nerd is back but this time he’s the life of the party. He came to rave the night away but it’s turned into survive the night, any way he and the crew can. With his intimate knowledge of Wyler’s work, the team continues to lean on him for any insight he can provide. Only problem, his Kandi Raver character wants to party……even when it’s time to fight.

Info: Andre has had his fill of the 80s and is ready to shred the 90s. He can still rock a mic but this time around he’d rather shred a guitar. Making his debut in Shaolin Shuffle, Andre has come to rock this place into the ground one way or another….as long as the groupies don’t eat him first of course.

Info: From Valley Girl to Westside gangster, Sally has ditched her leg warmers for a pair of sagging khakis and a few tattoos. She may have lost her soft touch but she’s more than ready to bust some caps, split a few wigs and get all gangsta’ up in here. Westside!

Here’s how to get started in Shaolin Shuffle:

Intro: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Zombies saga continues with the second DLC’s “Shaolin Shuffle”.

After narrowly escaping the rave of their lives in the 1990s, our four actors find themselves transported to their newest nightmare in grimy ’70s New York City. Will Andre, AJ, Poindexter and Sally survive Willard Wyler’s next masterpiece? Get ready to bring back the funk with the action-packed, kung-fu fright fest of Infinity Ward’s latest zombies adventure, SHAOLIN SHUFFLE.

In the next episode of the Infinite Warfare Zombies experience, Shaolin Shuffle, the enigmatic movie director villain, Willard Wyler, is bringing back the funk. After escaping the lakeside cabin of horror , our four heroes find themselves time-warped to 1970s New York, only to discover that all of the inhabitants are as undead as disco. Shaolin Shuffle is an action packed, kung-fu fright-fest, filled with enough traps, easter eggs and surprises to satisfy the needs of any master protecting their dojo.

Tip: Get a good team together of players you can rely on to revive and support you. Good teamwork is the key to success in Zombies mode. — Still looking for other co-op players? Leave your online username/gamertag in the comments section below and let people know you’re a team player. It’s fun to make new friends. 🙂

Let’s begin the guide by showing you the first 20 minutes of zombie encounters as an intro to the video guide.

It shows an overview of the map so you know how to survive when you first play it and get your bearings. So you can more easily find the map’s own set of Challenges to complete and to find out where you can find the Perk machines and what they give you.

Item Location Tip: The in the previous COD game so-called Mystery Box & Pack-a-Punch Stations are now called the 3D Printer & Weapon Upgrade Stations, respectively. These locations are also indicated on the in-game map with a question mark box/square & up arrows/triangle.

UP NEXT: A full Shaolin Shuffle walkthrough up to the ending!

Here are all the steps to take to finish the Shaolin Shuffle easter egg puzzle:

This next guide will give a step-by-step playthrough of the sequence of events you’ll need to complete to finish the puzzle.

Before we begin, you’ll need to go through a few tutorials in this map to get properly prepared to progress through the Easter Egg steps.

TUTORIAL #1: How To Turn On The Power Location Guide:

The power generator location on Shaolin Shuffle.

• A short guide showing you how to find the power switch in Shaolin Shuffle.

Note: The Pack-a-Punch Perk Machines can be used after turning on the power.

TUTORIAL #2: Perk Machines Locations Guide:

• A guide showing you how to find every Pack-A-Punch Machine Location to get Perks in Shaolin Shuffle.

– Flyer Locations: Outside the PAP room, rooftop near quickies, near the racing stripes perk, garbage bin by the dojo.

– Film Reel Locations: In the Rat King’s Lair, in the Disco room near the Skull Crusher machine, on a box near Tuff Nuff, on a chair in the PAP room.

TUTORIAL #3: Alien Fuse Parts Locations Guide:

• A guide showing you how to find all Alien Fuses, which will let you Double-Pack-A-Punch. Note that you will need $5,000 – $10,000 to do this.

TUTORIAL #4: How To Get The Upgraded Katana Wonder Weapon:

• A voiced guide showing you how to get the Katana Wonder Weapon, as well as how to upgrade the Katana by pack a punch & double pack a punching it.

TUTORIAL #5: How To Unlock The Playable Pam Grier Character:

• A video guide showing you where to unlock Pam Grier as a playable character!


• A 100% complete video guide with easy voice-over tips every step of the way.

From finding the start of the main Easter Egg quest to listing all the requirements to complete it.

And here’s the ending cutscene!

Tip: While all this can be done on Solo, it’s recommended to tackle the steps with a Co-Op partner to make it easier. Since they can hold off the zombies while you take aim at the next target.

There you go! You now have all the details you need to complete the hidden Easter Egg puzzle in the new Shaolin Shuffle map.

Big thanks to Activision & MrDalekJD for the discoveries on & after launch day!

Have you been able to complete COD:IW Continuum’s Shaolin Shuffle?