Yooka-Laylee Achievements Guide

The Yooka-Laylee achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox One, PC & Mac platformer game and tells you how to get and unlock them all.

In the Yooka-Laylee achievement guide we’ll show there are 35 Achievements (3 Secret Achievements) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox One, PC and Mac versions.

Index of Yooka-Laylee Guides:

Yooka-Laylee Achievements Guide


1. Turning a Pagie (10G) — Collect your first Pagie

2. Pagie Rampagie (20G) — Collect 30 Pagies

3. The Agie of Pagie (30G) — Collect 75 Pagies

4. From someone else’s book (100G) — Collect all 145 Pagies

5. Sssserpent Ssssenpai (10G) — Purchase a move from Trowzer

6. Sssmashing (40G) — Purchase all of Trowzer’s moves

7. Bottom’s up (10G) — Unlock and equip a Tonic

8. Potion Commotion (40G) — Unlock 15 Tonics

9. Raising the bar (20G) — Collect all 6 health extender items

10. Bar star (20G) — Collect all 6 power extender items

11. Squid’s in (10G) — Get transformed by Dr. Puzz for the first time

12. Kartos returns (10G) — Complete one of Kartos’s minecart challenges

13. When I’m 64 (10G) — Successfully complete one of Rextro’s arcade games

14. What’s a leaderboard? (10G) — Get the high score in one of Rextro’s Arcade Games

15. Book spook (10G) — Collect your first Ghost Writer

16. Grabbed the ghouls (40G) — Collect every Ghost Writer in the Grand Tome worlds

17. License to Quill (10G) — Collect your first 200 Quills

18. Fits the Quill (30G) — Collect 500 Quills

19. Had one’s Quill (100G) — Collect all 1,010 Quills

20. The adventure begins (10G) — Unlock the first Grand Tome world

21. Open books (20G) — Unlock every Grand Tome world

Locations: Here are all 5 Grand Tome book locations to gain access to each world, which you can buy with a couple up to 12 Pagies to unlock each one.

• [0:00] — Grand Tome World 1: Tribalstack Tropics
• [0:37] — Grand Tome World 2: Glitterglaze Glacier
• [2:38] — Grand Tome World 3: Moodymaze Marsh
• [5:39] — Grand Tome World 4: Capital Cashino
• [8:02] — Grand Tome World 5: Galleon Galaxy

22. Size matters (10G) — Expand a Grand Tome world

23. Quackers (10G) — Complete one of Dr. Quack’s Quackfire Quizzes

24. Out of business (100G) — Defeat Capital B at the end of the game

25. Slippery slope (40G) — Defeat the World 1 boss

26. Knocking down walls (40G) — Defeat the World 2 boss

27. Creep from the deep (40G) — Defeat the World 3 boss

28. Obsolete (40G) — Defeat the World 4 boss

29. Planetary Annihilation (40G) — Defeat the World 5 boss

30. Petty vandalism (20G) — Disrespect the Idol

Tip: Unlocking this achievements takes place in Hivory Tower and will require you to have the Buddy Slam move from Trowzer. Once you have the move, return to the entrance of Hivory Tower to locate the large golden idol statue. Now, use the platforms to make your way to the top of the statue and stand on the nose. Next, perform the Buddy Slam move by jumping and pressing the left trigger to break the nose off, unlock the achievement, and also find a power extender.

31. Thinking Big (20G) — Expand three Grand Tome worlds

32. Super Sized (20G) — Expand all five Grand Tome worlds

Secret Achievements:

33. Private Pillage (20G) — Find any one of the pirate treasure items

34. Secret Salvage (20G) — Find any three of the pirate treasure items

35. Captain’s Cache (20G) — Find all five of the pirate treasure items

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