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Yooka-Laylee Cheats

How To Unlock All 5 Grand Tome Worlds

Find out how to unlock the 5 Grand Tome Worlds: You’ll need enough Pagies to unlock each world (for example: while it starts with just a few Pagies being required, the last world needs 12 Pagies to unlock). And here are their Grand Tome book locations to gain access to each world…

• [0:00] — Grand Tome World 1: Tribalstack Tropics — Can be unlocked after you receive the rolling move by rolling up the ramp to the right-hand side of the Hivory Towers area.
• [0:37] — Grand Tome World 2: Glitterglaze Glacier — Can be unlocked by going to the golden statue and roll up the ramps on the left-hand side of that area until you reach the top. There you can buddy slam the yellow button in order to get through the get. Once you go through it, you’ll trigger the first quiz of the game. Follow the hallway in Hivory Towers until you find Trowzer red snake who gives you a free move to fly and hold the fly button to glide across gaps. Use this move to follow the snowy path to the next Grand Tome book. (You’ll need to talk to Trowzer in each next area, since he sells you the moves you need to access the last 3 worlds.)
• [2:38] — Grand Tome World 3: Moodymaze Marsh — Can be unlocked by picking up the ice pellet plant from the back room to open the gate into the Archive room to buy the underwater bubble move from Trowzer. Use it in the aquarium in the middle to press the yellow button that opens up the secret bookcase door.
• [5:39] — Grand Tome World 4: Capital Cashino
• [8:02] — Grand Tome World 5: Galleon Galaxy


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