Persona 5 Walkthrough

10 April 2017
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Persona 5 Walkthrough

Palace 1: Kamoshida’s Castle

Palace 1 Description: April 18. It’s time to enter Kamoshida’s Castle, but first, Igor has a new powers for you.
Objective: Steal Kamoshida’s heart by May 2.

Part 2 of Kamoshida’s Castle: Infiltrate Kamoshida’s Palace and steal his heart!

Part 3 of Kamoshida’s Castle: Head deeper into Kamoshida’s Castle and discover the depths of his terror.

Part 4 of Kamoshida’s Castle: Face off against the first Shadow miniboss of the castle.

Part 5 of Kamoshida’s Castle: Make your way up to the roof for the final stretch of the castle!

Part 6 of Kamoshida’s Castle: Make your way up into the treasure room and finalise your infiltration route.

Part 7 of Kamoshida’s Castle: It’s time to send the calling card!

Part 8 of Kamoshida’s Castle: It’s time to steal his treasure. Take on Shadow Kamoshida and claim victory for the Phantom Thieves!

Part 9 of Kamoshida’s Castle: The monster of a man is now at your mercy, but this is for Ann, not for you. Let her make the final call.

[Work-In-Progress: More quests coming as soon as they are available]

Thanks to Atlus & IGNgameplay for the walkthrough videos.

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