Persona 5: How To Level Up Personas Fast

Welcome to the “Persona 5: How To Level Up Personas Fast” guide. On this page we’ll show you how to rank up fast in Persona 5!

Let’s find out how to do it, since this leveling up trick will help you gain experience really fast.

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Persona 5: How To Level Up Personas Fast

Here we’ll go over how you can speed up the slow process of leveling up your Personas in Persona 5.

Ranking up fast to increase your Personas level quickly can be done through these tasks:

Step #1: The trick to leveling up Personas faster is by using your Money. First you need access to “Hanging” which becomes available at 6/21. You also need a plenty of Yen, which you can get using our “Persona 5 Money Cheat” guide. The higher the Levels of the Personas you use the higher the costs.

Step #2: Choose a Persona you want to boost up a few Levels and a Sacrifice-Persona. If the Sacrifice is of the same Arcana you get a 1,5x boost in EXP. The higher your confidant Rank the more EXP you will receive.

Protip: Rare Personas get you a 3x multiplier on the EXP.

Step #3: Usually you can only boost up the same Persona once per Day. But if you register it in the Compendium you will save all the EXP you earned through boosting. Just resummon it and you can do it again.

Note: Use this if you want to get a certain Skill a bit earlier or to boost up a Arsène to use in later Dungeons. Saves a lot of grinding… if you have the cash that is.

This video guide shows the fastest ways to get experience points and level up your Personas:

Thanks to Porskiller for the tips.