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Looking for Persona 5 cheats on PS3 & PS4? Here we’ll list Persona 5 cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Atlus’s new RPG game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Persona 5 codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PS3 & PS4 versions (where available).

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Persona 5 Cheats

Persona 5 Tips and Tricks

Six tips and tricks to help newcomers and veterans alike in Persona 5.

After completing the Japanese run and current English playthrough, Sodium Cat is giving players six tips on how to get by in Persona 5. This really leans towards Hard because it emphasizes on choosing the most optimal path for maxing our Confidants and stats. Easier difficulties don’t have to put as much work as Hard players, but it can still be applied. Nonetheless, you should have fun on your playthrough! Don’t be too stubborn on trying to beat it on Hard if it means not having fun with this game. This is too good of a game to not enjoy it just because of a difficulty. This will give a good idea on how to have a smooth run in Persona 5!

How To Get Points To Up Parameters in Persona 5

Find out how to get points to up parameters (Charm, Knowledge, Kindness, Guts, Proficiency) in Persona 5.

Cooperation is important to unlock benefits to help with battles, making items, etc. To level Cooperation, you will need to also level up your parameters. There are 5 in total: Knowledge, Courage, Dexterity, Kindness, and Appeal. These can go up to level 5. Each has their own symbol as well. A variety of things can increase these stats, which will be listed by QP Games below. You get to do these things on 4/18 but only during the day. On 4/22 you can do things around Yonkenchaya at night. On 5/6 is when your night time is finally free.

– Correctly answer questions during class
– Clear crosswords (appears on the table in Leblanc on certain days)
– Study in library or family restaurant
– Answering TV Quiz correctly (check tv on certain days)
– Clearing crossword (magazine on one of the tables in Leblanc, appears on certain days)
– Buy Seafood green juice from Drink stand

– Do the Big Bang Burger Challenge
– Watch movie that gives courage (April)
– Having coffee at the family restaurant can give courage
– Rent and watch X Folder
– Borrow and read Pirate Legend

– Batting Center
– Making infiltration tools from the desk in your room
– Working at Gyuudonburi (only night shift)
– Buy Active green juice from Drink stand
– Buy from Shibuya bookstore and read it or other books that will increase Dex
– Fishing in Ichigaya. Unlocks after event on 7/3

– Feeding the plant in your room (buy item from Discount store in Central or Flower shop in underground mall)
– Watch movies that give kindness (May)
– Read Great Bandit Zorro
– Buy Hot spring green juice from Drink stand
– Buy from Shibuya bookstore and read it

– Go to the public bath
– Buy Beautiful skin green juice from Drink stand
– Doing well in the tests in May
– Buy from Shibuya bookstore and read it
– Co-op with Yoshida the politician, or Ichiko the journalist to gain Appeal

– Movies and DVD rentals at Scarlet help raise stats. Movies change monthly and there are no choices. You need to buy the TV at the recycle shop to watch DVDs.
– Some part time jobs raise stats (Some jobs are only Night shifts, Night time opens up on 5/6)
– Some Co-op events raises stats
– Reading books raise stats (buy books are bookstore in Central street or borrow them at the school library) Only on certain days would you be able to read them on the train.
– Buying drinks from Drink stand at Shibuya station raises stats. Only available on sundays.

How To Increase Social Stats in Persona 5

Get ready for the RPG Division’s Persona 5 Social Stats Tutorial that explains in detail how to increase your Social Stats.


There are no Persona 5 cheats on PS4 & PS3 yet. So until they are discovered, we made the handy Persona 5 guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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