Xbox One Project Scorpio Specs Revealed

7 April 2017
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Project Scorpio

Microsoft has revealed the specifications for its upcoming Xbox One hardware upgrade Project Scorpio in cooperation with Digital Foundry.

First, here are the specs compared to the original Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Pro:

According to Digital Foundry, compared to PlayStation 4 Pro, Project Scorpio is a “higher-spec machine in every sense, down to the optical drive that plays the new UHD Blu-ray format.” Microsoft didn’t provide Digital Foundry with a price, or an official name nonetheless, but given the specifications, the website predicts it will cost $499.

Digital Foundry saw Project Scorpio running a Forza Tech demo (pictured), which is a stress test based on the Forza Motorsport 6 engine, running the maximum number of cars around a track with dynamic weather and “all the bells and whistles” turned on. According to the website, the demo ran at full 4K resolution and a perfect 60 frames per second. For the original Xbox One to do this at 1080p resolution uses about 90 percent of its power, but Project Scorpio only used 60 to 70 percent of its resources for this higher resolution demo. The graphic settings were then increased to the equivalent of ultra settings on the PC game Forza Motorsport Apex, and “Scorpio still didn’t break a sweat.”

Microsoft will require that all improved Project Scorpio modes for games be available regardless of the display that’s connected, meaning even those with a 1080p TV will be able to choose between performance modes that make the game run better, or resolution modes that will then “supersample” the 4K image down to your 1080p TV, giving you a smoother and prettier picture.

Check Out the Digital Foundry’s Project Scorpio Video:

Digital Foundry says that all Xbox One games will run better on Project Scoprio, whether they’re patched with enhanced modes or not. That includes “more stable frame rates that hit their target more often; no screen tearing; maximum possible resolution at all times; nicer-looking textures; and faster load times.”

Digital Foundry has much more coverage of the technical aspects of the hardware through the following links:

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