Bloodstained Details New Characters Dominique Alfred, and Anne

Koji Igarashi has released the latest “Ask IGA” and revealed three new characters for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Check Out the Latest “Ask IGA” Video:

The new characters consist of Dominique, a woman who supports protagonist Miriam, Alfred, a man related to an incident that occurred 10 years ago in the game, and Anne, a young villager.

In a message, Igarashi said that he still needs to decide on voice actors for the characters, and that the team is “currently working on parts of the game that were available as backer rewards, such as enemy and weapon designs.”

Here are the details on the new characters:

Dominique Baldwin (Age: 25)

An exorcist dispatched by the church, she supports Miriam as the shopkeeper. She speaks in a posh way, but she treats everyone kindly. While the church believes Miriam and Gebel to be demons, Dominique trusts them as human beings. In order to foil Gebel’s ambitions, she asks her old friend Johannes to summon Miriam.

Alfred (Age: 57)

Alfred is one of the alchemists responsible for the demon-summoning uproar ten years ago. He was Johannes’s mentor, and a father figure to both Johannes and Miriam, but he’s lost his former self as he heads to the castle seeking the Book of Logaeth in Gebel’s possession. Quite and intelligent, Alfred’s alchemic ability was unmatched even among his fellow alchemists.

Anne Knolles (Age: 12)

A village girl whose parents were murdered. Anne was saved by Dominique and Miriam when demons attacked her village. When Dominique is out of town, Anne looks after the shop. She is a bright and cheerful girl.