Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats

7 March 2017
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Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats

Looking for Ghost Recon Wildlands cheats on PC, PS4 & Xbox One? Here we’ll list Ghost Recon Wildlands cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Ubisoft’s new open world tactical shooter game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Ghost Recon Wildlands codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, PS4 & Xbox One versions (where available).

Take a look at the cheats below…

Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats

Unlimited Resource Farming

How to farm resources in Ghost Recon Wildlands: Farming 5000+ convoy’s is the fastest method to get lots of Gas, Comms, Medicine, and Food. — You can find a convoy that spawns near a fast travel point (like the one from Villa Verde to Villa Verde Alpha), complete the side quest and then use the nearby fast travel point (via the in-game map) and the convoy will respawn immediately.

Unlockable DLC Items

• As a Ghost Recon Wildlands pre-order bonus from most retailers you can get “The Peruvian Connection” bonus level for free.

• The Ghost Recon Wildlands – Deluxe & Gold & Cartel Editions include the following DLC Items: The Huntsman rifle, the Huntsman motorbike, three emblems, three weapon camos, three character customization items, and an XP booster.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Tips and Tricks

During the following E3 2016 interview with Ghost Recon Wildlands’ lead designer Dominic Butler you find out about the game world of Ghost Recon Wildlands and see the gameplay of this anticipated series continuation. Learn about the potential for the latest game to change the face of Tom Clancy series.

Lucy and Tamoor get some gameplay tips and tricks from the creator of this third person tactical title themselves.

Up next, a complete introduction to the gameplay elements from the official Ubisoft Press Conference.


There are no other Ghost Recon Wildlands cheats on Xbox One, PS4 & PC yet. So until more are discovered, we made the handy Ghost Recon Wildlands guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

Credits: Ubisoft, PS4Trophies

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