Sniper Elite 4 Walkthrough

18 February 2017
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Sniper Elite 4 Walkthrough

Mission 6: Magazzeno Facility

Mission 6 Objective: An OSS informant has told you that Andreas Kessler, the infamous Nazi rocket scientist, is at the Coastal Facility at Magazzeno. As well as grabbing him for OSS, you’ll need to disable the code-breaking Facility and find out how much the Nazis know about Allied plans for Italy…

Part 2 of Mission 6: Destroy the German Naval Guns. Then locate and escort the Nazi rocket scienstist Andreas Kessler out of the Coastal Facility at Magazzeno.

Mission 7: Giovi Fiorini Mansion

Mission 7 Objective: The Partisans have launched a full-scale assault on Giovi Fiorini, the base of Major Klaus Rothbauer, a leading figure in the local Nazi hierarchy and close confidant of Bohm. OSS think Rothbauer has crucial information concerning Bohm’s plans for the Nazis’ new missile. As well as retrieving the intel and dealing with Rothbauer by infiltrating his bunker, you’ll need to help the Partisans in their assault on the Interrogation Block before it’s too late…

Mission 8: Allagra Fortress, Final Boss Fight & Ending

Mission 8 Objective: You’ve uncovered General Bohm’s plan to halt the Allied invasion of mainland Italy in its tracks. The missile attack will strike from Bohm’s Fortress somewhere in the mountains of Allagra. You need to grab crucial intel, make sure none of the missile parts can be salvaged and find some way of pinpointing the base for Allied bombers to take care of the rest…

The End? See you in Sniper Elite 5! 😀

DLC Mission: Target Fuhrer

DLC Mission Objective: The Nazis plan to use their U-boats to cut off Allied supply lines in the Mediterranean. Thanks to an Allied informant, we know the new base will be located on the island of Sendari, north of Crete. You’ve been dispatched to Sendari to kill the Admiral in charge, thus destroying the base’s command and control structure. But all is not what it seems… Time to kill Hitler (again)!

Thanks to Rebellion Games, GameRiot, AFGuidesHD & RadBrad for the walkthrough videos.

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