BioWare Bringing Out New IP Before March 2018

5 February 2017
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BioWare’s new IP will launch in Q1 2018 and a new Need for Speed will launch by March 2018, publisher Electronic Arts announced today.

According to Electronic Arts, the new BioWare IP offers a “clean-sheet design with new concepts, new gameplay mechanics, and new stories set in a unique universe,” and “has the potential to fundamentally disrupt the way people think about an action title, bringing friends together to play in exhilarating new ways.” It hopes to attract a “large global audience.”

Here is a bit more information from the BioWare Blog:

“Hi everyone,

As we’re working hard to finish Mass Effect: Andromeda, I wanted to take a minute to talk about our new IP. As our CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned, we’re creating a unique IP that will bring players together in exciting new ways.

There’s much more to say in the coming months, but for now, I wanted to offer this additional background.

In 2012, we began crafting a new universe full of new characters, stories, and gameplay. Our ambition is simple: Draw upon 20+ years of development knowledge and lessons to create something fun and new for you to enjoy with your friends.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as building a new IP from scratch, and it will be even more thrilling for us to share more with you in the future.”

We first saw BioWare’s new IP in a behind the scenes video at E3 2014.


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