Resident Evil 7 Achievements Guide

The Resident Evil 7 achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox One & PC survival-horror game and tells you how to get and unlock them all.

In the Resident Evil 7 achievement guide we’ll show there are 37 Achievements (11 Secret Achievements) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox One and PC versions.

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Resident Evil 7 Achievements Guide

1. Playing it Safe (20G) — Complete the game on Easy.

2. The Nightmare’s Finally Over (20G) — Complete the game on Normal.

3. Who’s Your Daddy Now? (40G) — Complete the game on Madhouse.

4. Behind Closed Doors (10G) — Close an open door by yourself.

5. Arms in the Air (10G) — Block an enemy attack by guarding.

6. A-ha! (10G) — Obtain something by closely examining an item.

7. Master of Unlocking (10G) — Use a lock pick to open something.

Locations: The first lock pick can be found in the main house — but only when playing on the Easy or Normal difficulty level — it’s in the laundry room with the washing machines and stinky socks. There’s a box by the door. Open it to get the lock pick. There’s a locked drawer in the hall outside that you can open with the lock pick.

Sidenote: The achievement title is a funny reference to a quote from the first Resident Evil game, where through the power of superb 90’s voice-acting Barry calls Jill “You, the Master of Unlocking.”

8. Nice Try (10G) — Put an unrelated object on a shadow plinth.

Location: This can be found in the Main Hall of Main House 1F. Examine an antique coin there for the achievement to pop up.

9. Open Your Eyes (10G) — Use psychostimulants.

10. In the Bag (10G) — Increase your item slots.

Location: During the mission where you must search the Old House for the Serum. An easy location is in the Old House by the Cassette Recorder. There’s only one Cassette Recorder here and it’s marked on the map. The camping bag (what these item slots / inventory upgrades look like) is sitting on the table next to the cassette recorder. Pick it up.

11. Things Got Personal (20G) — Finish off an enemy with the knife.

Location: During the mission where you must search the Old House for the Serum.

Tip: Look for the large flying insects in the Old House. Some of them are sitting quietly on walls. Run up to one of them and knife it for a one-hit kill.
Note: The tiny insect swarms don’t count. Only the bigger flying insects do.

12. Slash Slash, Slashity Slash! (20G) — Clear insects off a door using a knife.

Location: You can find the doors you need in the main Old House area where you first enter (where the Marguerite boss fight is). Look for the door with the grates that have items behind them that you want to get to, but you’ll have to go through tons of flying and crawling bugs that attack you to get it, so slash and slash them to bits without getting too much damage, and when are all dead open the door to unlock the achievement.

13. Less is More (40G) — Take down two or more enemies with one shot.

Locations: Marguerite roams around the Old House, and if you shoot her while she sends her insects, you can kill multiple with a single shotgun blast. You can get a shotgun by exchanging a replica with the real one in the Main Hall soldier statue. The replica can be found in Granny’s room on the 2nd floor of the Main House, adjacent to the Rec Room.

14. That’s a Spicy Meat-a-ball (20G) — Kill an enemy by attaching a Remote Bomb to them and detonating it.

Locations: Go and find Remote Bombs all around Ship S2 (late in the game) in cabinets and a few locked areas that require corrosive. In order to attach the bomb to the enemy, you need for them to grapple you with the remote bomb equipped, and then press Right trigger to resist. It will attach automatically.
Note: The video guide shows a remote bomb stuck to an enemy but glitched in a way which I could not detonate it, so I had to do it again.

15. 1st Place at the Science Fair (20G) — Create all items that contain Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid.

16. Can’t Catch Me (20G) — Complete the “Mia” videotape without being spotted by Marguerite.

Locations: The “Mia” videotape can be found on the 2nd floor of the Main House in the Recreation Room. A VCR is also there to play the tape.

There are a few spots to hide from Marguerite without being spotted — the main one you need to know is near the shadow plinth room. You have to stay on the right side because she searches the left after hearing a noise.

17. Out Before Dessert (40G) — Complete the “Happy Birthday” videotape within 5 minutes.

Tip: The tape is found via the Kids’ Room on the 2nd floor of the Main House, locked behind a Snake key. Find the deputy like Lucas said, and you will find the key. Play the tape in your trailer. You will need to haul butt to complete it in time, even if you know the password it won’t allow you to enter it until you do all the steps.

18. Be Kind, Please Rewind (20G) — Watch all the videotapes in a single playthrough.

19. Pelicans in Your Pocket (40G) — Obtain all of the Antique Coins in Easy or Normal difficulty.

20. Mad Pelicans (40G) — Obtain all of the Antique Coins in Madhouse difficulty.

21. The Devil Is in the Details (40G) — Read all of the files in a single playthrough.

22. He’s Here, There, Everywhere! (20G) — Destroy a Mr. Everywhere statuette.

23. Mr. Nowhere (40G) — Destroy all Mr. Everywhere statuettes.

24. Just Get Me Outta Here (50G) — Complete the game within 4 hours.

Protips: This video guide with voice-over tips shows a 2 hours and 51 minutes full game speedrun.

25. Resource Manager (50G) — Complete the game without opening the Item Box more than 3 times.

26. Walk it Off (50G) — Complete the game using only 3 First Aid Meds or less.

Note: The achievement description is wrong. If you use any kind of healing item like (Strong) First Aid Meds or Herbs it counts towards the total used, with the lone exception you CAN use are Steroids to increase your max health. You can check your total number of healing items used during your playthrough in the Pause menu’s “Stats” screen.

Secret Achievements:

27. She’s Alive (20G) — Travel to Louisiana.

28. Welcome to the Family, Son (20G) — Escape from the guest house.

29. You Ain’t Gettin’ Away (20G) — Escape to the yard.

30. The Grave Will Out the Truth (20G) — Uncover the secret in the old house.

31. You Better Start Running (20G) — Escape from the Baker family home.

32. Into the Depths (20G) — Escape from the ship.

33. End of the Night (40G) — Get ending 1.
34. Just A Memory Now (40G) — Get ending 2.

Tip: Your choice of ending depends on who you decided to cure at the boathouse. In order to get both endings create a new manual save location after crossing the docks, before you meet up with Mia and Zoe.

35. Back Off, Mrs. B! (40G) — Fight off Marguerite while she wanders the old house to make her run away.

Tip: Marguerite can be found around the Old House.

First fire a shotgun blasts to her face, followed by firing the burner weapon’s hot flame on her and she will flee like a coward that she is.

36. Duck If You Love Life (40G) — Avoid Jack’s scissor attack by crouching.

Location: Can be done in the Morgue area of the Main House.

Circle around Jack, putting the brick column in between you two and crouch when he is about to do his scissor attack.

37. Fly Swatter (40G) — Shoot and knock back Marguerite while she’s leaping at you.

Location: The fight with Marguerite in the Greenhouse.

Shoot her after she climbs the ceiling and looks directly at you, as that’s when she is about to jump up to get beat down.


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