No Man’s Sky ‘Foundation Update’ Released. Overview Trailer

A huge, free update for No Man’s Sky has gone live on PlayStation 4, adding a ton of content to the space exploration game.

Check Out the No Man’s Sky ‘Foundation Update’ Overview Trailer:

Version 1.1, also known as the Foundation Update, introduces three different “rule sets,” the ability to build bases, save points, new technology and other important items, cargo freighters and a plethora of smaller additions and improvements to the base game.

An overview video, above, breaks down these hefty changes over the course of six minutes. The game’s website also goes in-depth on everything that’s part of the Foundation Update, but here’s a sampling:

• There are now three different game modes: Normal, which is the original gameplay experience; Creative, which promises an unlimited universe and big bases; and Survival, which ups the challenge and tests explorers’ endurance.

• Players can now establish home bases, which are used for shelter, storage and alien technology research

• Players can farm crops, including new plants and resources

• Players can add save points anywhere they want

• Messages can be left for other explorers at communications terminals

• Freighters can be bought and manned by aliens for added storage — and overall storage capacity has been increased in inventory slots as well

• A streamlined quick menu is available to make looking through inventory easier

• The PS4 version has a photo mode, while the PC has several bug fixes and visual improvements

The Foundation Updateis not yet live on Windows PC.