Pokemon Sun and Moon Money Cheat

This Pokemon Sun and Moon Money Cheat will help you keep more money in your pockets at the start of the game when Pokedollars are in short supply. This Pokemon farming trick for easy money will show you how to collect quick cash by taking advantage of in the 3DS & 2DS RPG game. Using this money method you can earn $10,000’s extra per day!

If you’re the kind of trainer who wants to catch EVERYTHING, you’ll need this money cheat to get rich quick!

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Money Cheat

Here’s an easy way to get a lot of money very fast in both Pokemon Sun and Moon. Using this money cheat you’ll be able to get unlimited cash, as explained below…

Money Cheat Location: How to get an unlimited money? It can be done by gathering lots of Pyukumuku (try saying that name 10 times fast, haha!). In turn, the Pokedollars (the in-game currency) you get from saving them to help the lifeguard can be used to buy in-game items.

Money Cheat Method: How to make 10,000’s of Pokedollars in Pokemon Sun and Moon easily.

STEP 1: Go to the Hano Grand Resort hotel’s beach. To gain access to the beach, you’ll first need to have complete Grand Trial by defeating Olivia.

STEP 2: Talk to the private beach’s lifeguard, he’s standing next to the guardhouse with the palmtree near the beach entrance. He talks about why “Pyukumuku are one of the most famous of all the Alolan Pokemon.” He’ll ask you to pick up six that are washed up at the beach to throw them back into the ocean. You can recognize the Pyukumuku from their black body with pink spikes that looks like a sea cucumber. The Pyukumuku’s face has two beady, pink eyes and a white mouth.

STEP 3: Once you complete this mini-mission (out of the kindness of your heart, of course!), go talk to the beach lifeguard again to receive a $20,000 reward!

STEP 4: Repeat Steps 1 to 3. Like the beach lifeguard admitted, he doesn’t understand why the Pyukumuku keep washing up at the beach over and over again. But this actually works in your advantage, because it allows you to keep doing this Pyukumuku mini-mission day after day to repeatedly get the $20,000 reward! That’s a lot of money to get early on in the game. 😀

Tip: If you’re walking across the beach anyway, why not collect pearls you find there to sell for extra money while you’re there!

Here’s the full money cheat video involving finding Pyukumuku:

The official story behind the island’s Pyukumuku sea-chucking tradition: “Due to their appearance and their lifestyle, Pyukumuku are considered unappealing to tourists. Part-time work chucking Pyukumuku back into the sea is available at tourist beaches. But no matter how far they’re thrown, Pyukumuku will always return to the same spot.

Once a Pyukumuku finds a place it likes, it won’t budge from it. If someone moves it away, back it comes to the same spot. If it runs out of food to eat in that spot, it’ll stay there—and starve. The people of Alola found this so pitiful that they developed a tradition of chucking Pyukumuku back into the food-rich sea whenever they come across any thin-bellied Pyukumuku.”

Credits: Money cheat discovered by Maxx.

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