Dishonored 2 Musical Duos Locations Guide

Welcome to the Dishonored 2 Musical Duos locations guide that helps you find the total of 3 Musical Duos locations in the PS4, Xbox One & PC action-adventure stealth game. This serves as a Dishonored 2 Songs of Serkonos locations guide.

Finding all 3 Musical Duo locations and listening to them up will help unlock the following Achievement / Trophy:
* “Songs of Serkonos” (10 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy) — Found 3 musical duos across Karnaca, and listened to their songs.

The Timeline for all these in-game Musical Duos locations is listed below.

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Dishonored 2 Musical Duos

How to find missing Musical Duos?: This is HIGHLY MISSABLE. You need to listen to the Musical Duos songs in the three places they are throughout the game. Their places do not change, and they will also be there. You first find them in “Mission 2: Edge of the World”, then again in “Mission 6: The Dust District”, and finally in “Mission 8: The Grand Palace”.

Important Warnings:
– The Musical Duo will run off if you go into combat, scare them, etc.! Make sure you go up to them in stealth, and don’t initiate combat near them, or bring enemies to them. They’ll run away and not come back so you’ll need to reload a save.

– Listen to the full song(s) they play (stay listening for a good few minutes), and be close to them. The tracking is a bit finicky. Talk to them if you can just to make sure credit has been given for finding them.

– If you miss one, you’ll have to reload an earlier save or start a new playthrough. For the final guy, talk to him after they play a song (you have to do this to unlock the achievement / trophy).

Where to find all Musical Duos in Dishonored 2? The in-game findable locations for the Musical Duos are described in this detailed video guide.

The Musical Duos are listed in the step-by-step video, in the order that they appear chronologically.

Timeline in minutes for the Musical Duos Locations Guide:

• [0:00] — Musical Duo Location #1: Can be found in “Mission 2: Edge of the World”.

• [0:47] — Musical Duo Location #2: Can be found in “Mission 6: The Dust District”.

• [2:47] — Musical Duo Location #3: Can be found in “Mission 8: The Grand Palace”.

There you go! All Musical Duos in Dishonored 2 are yours to find & enjoy! 🙂

I hope these tips helped you get all of the Musical Duos hidden in the game.

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