Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Pro Enhancements Detailed

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games have shared new information and screenshots introducing Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements on the PlayStation Blog.

Here’s Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Pro image gallery. Click on any of these image thumbnails to see the full-size screens:

Here’s an overview of what PlayStation 4 Pro users can expect:

• Far better image quality for players who own standard 1080p HDTVs. This includes supersampling, a high-quality anti-aliasing technique that lets the game internally render at a higher resolution (close to 4K) before shrinking it down to the final 1080p resolution. This results in more detail, including smoother edges and a more stable image.

• Shadow maps and antisotropic filtering quality enhancements. This technique increases the quality of texture sampling, resulting in more detailed environment textures.

• Output at a much higher resolution for players who own 4K TVs. It is rendered at 2160p checkerboard. You’ll notice subtle details such as the stitching on Aloy’s outfit, individual leaves and branches swaying in the wind, kilometers away in the distance, and more detail in the machines and NPCs.

• High-dynamic range support, which enhances the range of colors that are displayed.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is due out for PlayStation 4 on February 28. PlayStation 4 Pro is due out on November 10 for $399. Read more here.