Monster Hunter XX Announced for 3DS

Nintendo announced Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo 3DS during its “Monster Hunter Direct” livestream on Thursday. The game will ship in Japan on March 18, 2017.

Check Out the Monster Hunter XX Reveal Trailer:

The game will include: Guild Style, Strike Style, Aerial Style, and Bushido style, as well as two new styles. One of the new styles is Brave Style, and the other is as-yet unannounced.

The game will also include a new field called “Igunrei” a new “Ryúshikisen” base, and will include six main monsters, including: Gammoth, Astalos, Mizutsune, and Glavenus, and the new main monsters Balfarc and a new Diablos variant.

Those who have save data from Monster Hunter X can transfer their save data to Monster Hunter XX. Additionally, those who have save data from Monster Hunter Stories will also get a special bonus in Monster Hunter XX.

The game will retail for 5,800 yen (about US$55) for the package version, and 5,546 yen (US$53) for the download version. Pre-orders start on November 10, and a limited bonus includes a code for two Nintendo 3DS themes.

The game will have a “fall demo tour” with stops in Fukuoka on November 12, in Nagoya on November 20, in Tokyo on November 26-27, and in Osaka on December 3-4.

Capcom released the Monster Hunter X Nintendo 3DS game in Japan in November 2015. Nintendo released the game on July 15 in the West under the title Monster Hunter Generations.