How To Unlock All WWE 2K17 Characters

11 October 2016
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WWE 2K17 Unlockable Characters

How to unlock all WWE 2K17 characters? That question will be answered in this guide that shows you who to unlock to get the full roster of 174+ WWE 2K17 characters at launch; and how to achieve that in the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 & PC wrestling fighting game.

This official video shows gameplay for most of the WWE 2K17 characters in action.

Below we’ve listed the playable characters. Take the following steps to unlock each of them, so that all unlockable characters in the game will be available to you.

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    How To Unlock All WWE 2K17 Characters

    WWE 2K17 Unlockable Characters

    Below we’ve listed the 60 secret characters in alphabetical order. Take the following steps to unlock each one.

    How to unlock additional characters?: As you can tell, when you start the game not all characters are available to choose from in the 174+ roster. You can unlock more by taking certain steps, as explained below.

    Unlock Method #1: This time around Virtual Currency (VC for short) lets you buy all unlockable characters in the in-game Store’s “VC Purchasables” section under the “Superstars” tab. – This VC money can be earned through the likes of Universe, Exhibition matches and MyCareer Mode matches!

    This video guide shows how all unlockable characters get unlocked. If you have enough money (or the Accelerator mentioned in Method #2) you can even unlock them all at once on the “Superstars” VC Purchasables screen by pressing the X button on Xbox / Square button on PlayStation.

    Unlock Method #2: Buy the $30 Season Pass or spend the $5 on the separate DLC pack to obtain the “Accelerator” DLC (which is part of the Season Pass, and gives you instant access to all unlockable characters / content available in the game from the moment you start playing (excluding downloadable content).

    How To Activate All “Accelerator” DLC Unlockables: Simply buying & downloading the “Accelerator” DLC does not unlock all characters automatically. You still need to do one more thing to unlock everything…
    – Step #1: After downloading the Accelerator DLC (never pay for it more than once; note that it’s already included for free in the Season Pass) exit out of the WWE 2K17 Shop — back into the game’s Main Menu — then exit out of there to the Title Screen.
    – Step #2: Once you’re on the Title Screen let the game load again until you have to press the Start button and select your harddrive device to go back into the Main Menu.
    – Step #3: From the Main Menu, scroll down to the “Unlockables” Options menu and select “Unlock Everything” with the X button on Xbox / Square button on PlayStation to “unlock all WWE 2K17 Superstars, Divas, Classic Legends, alternate attires, belts, arenas, and championships in the game.” Now you can go back to the Main Menu and select “Play” to go into a game mode and play as all characters from the get-go.

    Aside from the extra 2 Pre-Order Bonus DLC characters, 3 NXT Edition DLC characters & 28 Season Pass DLC characters listed at the bottom of this page, there are also 60 extra secret characters hidden in the main game’s roster. They are…

    1. Alundra Blayze — Unlock Price: 50.000 VC
    2. Andre The Giant — Unlock Price: 40.000 VC
    3. Arn Anderson — Unlock Price: 45.000 VC
    4. Bam Bam Bigelow — Unlock Price: 30.000 VC
    5. Big Boss Man — Unlock Price: 5.000 VC
    6. Big Show ’00 — Unlock Price: 35.000 VC
    7. Billy Gunn — Unlock Price: 15.000 VC
    8. Bobby Heenan (Manager) — Unlock Price: 10.000 VC
    9. Booker T — Unlock Price: 40.000 VC
    10. Bret Hart — Unlock Price: 45.000 VC
    11. Brian Pillman — Unlock Price: 18.000 VC
    12. British Bulldog — Unlock Price: 30.000 VC
    13. Butch – Bushwhackers — Unlock Price: 5.000 VC
    14. Cactus Jack — Unlock Price: 40.000 VC
    15. Chris Jericho ’01 — Unlock Price: 35.000 VC
    16. Christian — Unlock Price: 30.000 VC
    17. Diamond Dallas Page — Unlock Price: 30.000 VC
    18. Diesel — Unlock Price: 75.000 VC
    19. Dude Love — Unlock Price: 30.000 VC
    20. Dusty Rhodes — Unlock Price: 5.000 VC
    21. Earthquake — Unlock Price: 30.000 VC
    22. Edge — Unlock Price: 35.000 VC
    23. Hunter Hearst Helmsley — Unlock Price: 5.000 VC
    24. Jake Roberts — Unlock Price: 41.000 VC
    25. JBL — Unlock Price: 30.000 VC
    26. Jim Neidhart — Unlock Price: 15.000 VC
    27. Kane ’98 — Unlock Price: 30.000 VC
    28. Kane Corporate (Alt. Attire) — Unlock Price: 3.000 VC
    29. Kevin Nash — Unlock Price: 40.000 VC
    30. Larry Zbyszko — Unlock Price: 40.000 VC
    31. Lex Luger — Unlock Price: 30.000 VC
    32. Lita — Unlock Price: 30.000 VC
    33. Luke – Bushwhackers — Unlock Price: 5.000 VC
    34. Mankind — Unlock Price: 45.000 VC
    35. Mr. McMahon ’01 — Unlock Price: 10.000 VC
    36. Mr. Perfect — Unlock Price: 35.000 VC
    37. Randy Savage — Unlock Price: 45.000 VC
    38. Razor Ramon — Unlock Price: 45.000 VC
    39. Ric Flair — Unlock Price: 40.000 VC
    40. Rick Rude — Unlock Price: 5.000 VC
    41. Ricky Steamboat — Unlock Price: 35.000 VC
    42. Rikishi — Unlock Price: 30.000 VC
    43. Road Dogg Jesse James — Unlock Price: 15.000 VC
    44. Scott Hall — Unlock Price: 45.000 VC
    45. Shawn Michaels — Unlock Price: 58.000 VC
    46. Steve Austin — Unlock Price: 87.500 VC
    47. Sting — Unlock Price: 40.000 VC
    48. Sting ’91 — Unlock Price: 60.000 VC
    49. Sting ’99 — Unlock Price: 60.000 VC
    50. Stunning Steve Austin — Unlock Price: 15.000 VC
    51. Tatsumi Fujinami — Unlock Price: 45.000 VC
    52. Ted DiBiase (Manager) — Unlock Price: 10.000 VC
    53. The Rock ’01 — Unlock Price: 58.000 VC
    54. Triple H ’01 — Unlock Price: 58.000 VC
    55. Trish Stratus — Unlock Price: 15.000 VC
    56. Typhoon — Unlock Price: 30.000 VC
    57. Ultimate Warrior — Unlock Price: 52.500 VC
    58. Undertaker ’00 — Unlock Price: 50.000 VC
    59. Undertaker ’91 — Unlock Price: 66.000 VC
    60. Vader — Unlock Price: 40.000 VC

    Manager Characters Note: The WWE 2K17 playable Managers glitch no longer works as of game version 1.01 at launch. Prior to that patch, if you went to the Manager’s attire to edit it and save it as a non-alternate costume, you could play as any of the Managers in the game.

    WWE 2K17 Downloadable Characters

    How To Get Goldberg

    WWE 2K17 How To Get Goldberg

    How To Get Goldberg: Pre-order bonus or buy the Digital Deluxe Edition. Paid DLC pack expected in December

    How To Get The 2 Goldberg DLC Characters: Both Goldberg characters were pre-order bonuses. No doubt they will become paid DLC in a future “Goldberg Pack”.

    At launch it is only available for those who pre-order the game at participating retailers for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 computer entertainment systems. Or if you buy the WWE 2K17 NXT Edition of the game. — If you’re too late to get Goldberg this way, don’t worry, in previous years the pre-order bonus character was made available sometime in December.

    After more than a decade, one of the biggest and baddest Superstars to ever step foot in the squared circle is back! Pre-Order WWE 2K17 or get the WWE 2K17 NXT Edition and receive two playable versions of the legendary Goldberg, as well as two classic WCW arenas!

    There are two versions of Goldberg and two notable venues where he plied his trade. Each version of Goldberg will be made available as playable characters, one representing his WWE tenure and the other recreating his time in WCW. In addition, players will receive access to arenas recreating WCW Monday Nitro and WCW Halloween Havoc, two historic settings where Goldberg reached new heights in sports-entertainment.

    “It’s just a really cool deal to be a character in WWE 2K17,” Goldberg said. “Whether it’s Nitro or Halloween Havoc, to have me as an available character, it’s really cool. It’s a tribute.”

    Watch the DLC-exclusive Goldberg trailer:

    How To Download: First enter and activate your “WWE 2K17 Goldberg Pack” DLC code in your console’s store. Next, for example from the PSN menu, scroll over to WWE 2K17, press down to go to related items and see the “My Add-ons” tab to click on. Finally, next to the “Goldberg Pack” there should be an arrow pointing down, click on that to download it. After that make sure it’s downloaded and installed.

    Troubleshooting Tip: If you’re on a PlayStation platform sometimes Goldberg doesn’t show up in the Downloadable characters tab of your roster. If that’s the case for you, the solution to make him appear is to: A) Make sure he’s downloaded and installed on your console; B) You may have to renew your licences on your PlayStation’s download settings.

    NXT Edition DLC Characters Note: After that, your initial WWE 2K17 roster will count up to 140 as you can see from the list below!
    That’s assuming you also got the game’s NXT (Female) Edition 3 DLC characters: Apollo Crews, Nia Jax and Shinsuke Nakamura. — All of which are also available as paid DLC included with the digital $10 “NXT Enhancement Pack” on PS4 & Xbox One or the digital $5 “NXT Legacy Pack” on PS3 & Xbox 360.

    WWE 2K17 Roster List:

    1. Aiden English
    2. AJ Styles
    3. Alberto Del Rio
    4. Alexa Bliss
    5. Alicia Fox
    6. Alundra Blayze
    7. Andre The Giant
    8. Apollo Crews (NXT Edition DLC)
    9. Arn Anderson
    10. Asuka
    11. Bam Bam Bigelow
    12. Baron Corbin
    13. Bayley
    14. Becky Lynch
    15. Big Boss Man
    16. Big Cass
    17. Big E
    18. Big Show
    19. Billy Gunn
    20. Bo Dallas
    21. Booker T
    22. Braun Strowman
    23. Bray Wyatt
    24. Bret Hart
    25. Brian Pillman
    26. Brie Bella
    27. British Bulldog
    28. Brock Lesnar
    29. Bubba Ray Dudley
    30. Buddy Murphy
    31. Bushwhacker Butch
    32. Bushwhacker Luke
    33. Cactus Jack
    34. Carmella
    35. Cesaro
    36. Chad Gable
    37. Charlotte
    38. Chris Jericho
    39. Christian
    40. Chris Jericho
    41. Christian
    42. Curtis Axel
    43. D-Von Dudley
    44. Dana Brooke
    45. Daniel Bryan
    46. Darren Young
    47. Dash Wilder
    48. Dean Ambrose
    49. Diamond Dallas Page
    50. Diego
    51. Diesel
    52. Dolph Ziggler
    53. Dude Love
    54. Dusty Rhodes
    55. Earthquake
    56. Edge
    57. Emma
    58. Enzo Amore
    59. Erick Rowan
    60. Eva Marie
    61. Fandango
    62. Fernando
    63. Finn Balor
    64. Goldberg [WCW] (Pre-order Bonus DLC)
    65. Goldberg [WWE] (Pre-order Bonus DLC)
    66. Goldust
    67. Heath Slater
    68. Hideo Itami
    69. Jack Swagger
    70. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
    71. Jason Jordan
    72. JBL
    73. Jey Uso
    74. Jim Neidhart
    75. Jimmy Uso
    76. John Cena
    77. Kalisto
    78. Kane
    79. Kevin Owens
    80. Kofi Kingston
    81. Konnor
    82. Larry Zbyszko
    83. Lex Luger
    84. Lita
    85. Luke Harper
    86. Mankind
    87. Mark Henry
    88. Mr. McMahon
    89. Mr. Perfect
    90. Naomi
    91. Natalya
    92. Neville
    93. Nia Jax (NXT Female Edition DLC)
    94. Nikki Bella
    95. Paige
    96. Paul Heyman
    97. R-Truth
    98. Randy Orton
    99. Randy Savage
    100. Razor Ramon
    101. Ric Flair
    102. Rick Rude
    103. Ricky Steamboat
    104. Rikishi
    105. Road Dogg
    106. Roman Reigns
    107. Rusev
    108. Sami Zayn
    109. Samoa Joe
    110. Sasha Banks
    111. Scott Dawson
    112. Seth Rollins
    113. Shane McMahon
    114. Shawn Michaels
    115. Sheamus
    116. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT Edition DLC)
    117. Simon Gotch
    118. Sin Cara
    119. Stardust
    120. Stephanie McMahon
    121. Steve Austin
    122. Sting
    123. Summer Rae
    124. Tamina
    125. Tatsumi Fujinami
    126. The Miz
    127. The Rock
    128. Titus O’Neil
    129. Triple H
    130. Trish Stratus
    131. Tyler Breeze
    132. Typhoon
    133. Tyson Kidd
    134. Ultimate Warrior
    135. Undertaker
    136. Vader
    137. Viktor
    138. Wesley Blake
    139. Xavier Woods
    140. Zack Ryder

    How To Get 28 More Characters (Season Pass)

    WWE 2K17 How To Get DLC Characters

    How To Get DLC Characters: Buy them all in the Season Pass or get them seperately in the “Future Stars”, “Hall of Fame Showcase” & “Legends” DLC packs

    These are the DLC characters you get with the DLC Packs in the WWE 2K17 Season Pass:

    – The $9 “Future Stars Pack” DLC includes these playable WWE and NXT Superstars: Austin Aries, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Mojo Rawley and Tye Dillinger.

    – The $10 “Hall of Fame Showcase” DLC includes these playable character matches**:
    Cactus Jack and Diamond Dallas Page vs. The Fabulous Freebirds (Jimmy Garvin and Michael “PS” Hayes) (WCW Saturday Night 1992);
    • The Fabulous Freebirds (Buddy Roberts and Michael “PS” Hayes) vs. Kerry and Kevin Von Erich (WCCW 1986);
    • Ivory vs. Jacqueline (SmackDown 2000);
    • Sting (gold and black tights) vs. Ric Flair (Clash of Champions 1988);
    • Sting (n.W.o. Wolfpac ring gear) vs. Bret Hart (WCW Halloween Havoc 1998);
    • Papa Shango vs. The Godfather (Dream Match);
    • Big Boss Man (with Albert) vs. The Big Show (Armageddon 1999)
    **Note that these characters will be playable outside of these showcases in any mode!

    – The $9 “Legends Pack” DLC includes these playable WWE Legends: Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Eddie Guerrero, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Sycho Sid and Tatanka.

    This video shows everyone you get in the WWE 2K17 Season Pass:

    [Work-In-Progress: Please share any improvements you may have to the unlock requirements]

    Credits: 2K Sports. Feel free to comment if you have any other tips to unlock characters. Sadly no word yet if fan-favorites like Hulk Hogan or Bobby Roode will be joining the character roster.

    Who are your favorite WWE 2K17 characters?


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