King’s Quest 2015: Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Part 6: Death Trap Puzzle

All Puzzles Solved: Covered are…
– The battle of wits: Vee designed a puzzle Death Trap for King Graham and his daughter Neese to navigate to the tile door to win.

Part 7: Looking For Clues, Matchstick Puzzle, Door Handle Puzzle, Treasure Chest Lock Code Puzzle & Ending

All Puzzles Solved: Covered are…
– Looking for Clues.
– Matchstick Puzzle.
– Crack the code to escape the room.
– Door Handle Puzzle.
– Treasure Chest Lock Code Puzzle.
– Find all Clue Pieces in the King’s Quest Chapter 4 ending.

To Be Continued: Chapter 5 will arrive later on, hopefully still in 2016, but more likely in the first two months of 2017. – Join the discussion of what will happen next on our “King’s Quest 2015: Chapter 5 Release Date” page.

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